Learn about the 10 SEO trends in 2021 that are important

Google SEO trends and updates and  its search algorithm changes several  times a year, and the changes also have a significant impact on search engine optimization. Although we will never know the exact changes, we can guess where the SEO profession is moving in 2021: towards more and better content. Our article has collected 2021 SEO trends, which will determine the work of experts in Hungary in the next year (s).

  1. SEO trend: better user experience = better organic position

In May 2020, Google introduced an update to a large algorithm known as Core Web Vitals, which included three new metrics for measuring user experience. The metrics are all about page speed, how fast, how stable, and how interactive a page is when it loads. By name, the following:

  • LCP or Largest Contentful Paint: how fast the largest visual element appears on the page.
  • FID or First Input Delay: how quickly a page responds to a user’s first interaction.
  • CLS or Cumulative Layout Shift: measures the visual stability of your page.

These three metrics are also included in a report in the Google Search Console, where you can track your site’s performance. It’s worth paying more and more attention to because Google recently announced that the May changes will officially become ranking factors from 2021 onwards. In reality, this should be imagined that out of two hits with similar quality and length of content, and the algorithm will prioritize the more compliant with the UX guidelines.

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As your site’s UX performance is getting a bigger red spot than Google, it’s good to improve your knowledge in this area regularly. Fortunately, there are a number of tools that can give you tips on what to change on your page: In addition to the Search Console, PageSpeed ​​Insights, for example, will help you optimize continuously.

  1. Mobile-first indexing: slowly but surely

Mobile-first indexing began in 2016; when bots crawl a website, they look primarily at the mobile look rather than the desktop version. With this, Google has conveyed to the website owners and marketing experts the trend going on in the digital space for some time now: we browse more on our mobile phones than sitting next to our laptops.

Over the past four years, Google has gradually switched to a mobile index for websites based on whether the site passed the mobile-friendly test. The final date for the final switchover is May 2021: from the summer, the mobile version of old-fashioned websites that are not necessarily suitable for mobile browsing will also count. This is why responsiveness is a basic requirement when designing new websites.

  1. The increasingly smart BERT

With the introduction of BERT artificial intelligence in 2019, Google has taken a huge step towards interpreting search intentions. For example, BERT interprets lexical ambiguity, recognizes synonyms, and takes into account so-called STOP terms.

What does this mean in SEO copywriting, for example? In 2020 and 2021, the content will no longer have to be targeted primarily by search engines but by real users(seo trends). When optimizing the texts of a website, the natural use of language is becoming more and more critical instead of the keyword density, which can be used more boldly.

But when is it time to fine-tune the algorithm to enjoy complete writing freedom for content marketing experts? While this idea no longer seems too distant in English-speaking areas, it is worth using traditional SEO tricks to achieve organic search engine success in Pakistan by hiring SEO Services In Islamabad

  1. EAT factors may be an important SEO trend in 2021

The term knitted from the English words Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness refers to Google’s quality control guide. According to EAT, a content is considered to be of really good quality if it betrays expertise, making the text authentic and reliable.

EAT is a very divisive topic in the SEO community: although the quality control system does not directly affect rankings (as it should be a signal that a program can understand and evaluate), it does affect the ranking of the algorithm.

For example, the algorithm cannot interpret how scientific the information in the text is. But if the author’s name is well-established on the Internet and appears on other pages of similar value, then the author is probably an expert and the text is authentic.

Each page is associated with a quality score for how useful that particular result is based on the EAT. If the content of your website complies with the EAT, you will receive a higher rating based on the guide. And what matches Google’s quality checker is likely to suit users as well, so the algorithm is also more likely to rank first.

What other indications are involved in the EAT assessment? For example, a good backlink profile or the security settings of your website also indicate reliability.

  1. Why invest in local SEO?

Marketing experts also have more and more leeway in influencing local rankings. You may also want to take the time to improve your Google My Business account if you want to excel in local search engine optimization. On the GMB interface, you can now enter more than just basic information such as address and opening hours: you can post services, products, special offers, answer questions and even list.

Interestingly, the coronavirus epidemic has revolutionized the operation of several industries. Google has made it easier for businesses to use additional settings in the My Business interface: add secure payment options, instructions on how to use a mask, and add opening attributes to your account (such as pausing consumption locally).

Local SEO is also rampant in the Hungarian market: if you haven’t already done so, it’s time to discover the potential of your My Business account. And perhaps more importantly, pay attention to your customers and always respond to your reviews in a timely manner.

  1. Longer content ranks three times better

Based on the trend in recent years, longer texts perform much better in the search engine than shorter ones. By number, articles with 1500-3000 words rank three times better and get more backlinks than materials with a few hundred words. Why?

Users are not looking for short pieces of information, as they will need to gather any data they are interested in from additional pages. Longer, more comprehensive texts usually embrace the areas that may arise in relation to a particular topic. In addition, the time spent on the page is becoming more and more important, so longer content is more satisfying than shorter content. From this it can be concluded that the reader has found his calculation, i.e. the text is relevant and valuable.

Others also cite authentic and useful writing, so you can get seo trends quality backlinks and social media sharing with quality content.

Be careful, you don’t have to mean long text! People click on pages that say nothing of thousands of words in the same way that people click on short, useless writings. Find the golden mean: with a well-optimized, long-lasting, quality content, and a good link-building strategy, you can gain a lasting organic position using seo trends.

  1. Structured data – an important SEO trend in 2021

Structured data is primarily for search engines. The code for structure data must be place in the source code of your website, which results in so-called expand results. In this case, in addition to the title and meta description, extra information is display when listing the result.

A good example of this is looking for a recipe. As you can see in the picture, one of the Nosalty recipe recipes also shows the cooking time and the caloric value of the cake. Depending on what you mark as structured data, different information will be highlight by the search engine. Staying with the recipe example, they can be either ingredients or an evaluation of the recipe.

You can also use structured data for local search engine optimization.The  seo trends with Schema.org LocalBusiness markup , you can mark information about your business (such as your exact address, contact information) that makes it more likely for search engines to show your page in local results.

“Coding” has deterred many, which is perhaps why SEO tagging structured data is not such a popular SEO tactic. However, if you want to keep up with the 2021 SEO trends, cut into selecting selected data on your website to get ahead of the competition quickly.

  1. Focus more on semantically related keywords.

SEO professionals tend to focus solely on primary keywords, even though secondary terms are at least as valuable.

For example, if your highest volume keyword is diabetes, a semantically related term could be blood sugar measurement, insulin resistance, or glycemic index.

Why is it important for SEO in 2021 to look for both secondary and tertiary keywords? Google engines no longer just search for words, they also interpret the context of queries. For the algorithm, semantically related keywords mean that your website has a contextual background on a topic. This can ultimately lead to a better position in the search engine (EAT), and you can get more organic traffic with quality secondary content.

Here’s how: Hierarchy your keywords when compiling a content strategy from keyword research. The primary keywords are the ones that are most relevant to your business. You can use them on the main page, service pages, main category, product category pages. On the other hand, you can make super blog posts and FAQ content from the secondary terms, which are also good for strengthening the internal link structure.

  1. What is good link building like in 2021?

Without a demanding backlink profile in 2021, you can’t kick a ball in SEO. We’ve put together some link-building tactics you can use to get useful and natural links to your site:

  • Guest blogging: today the cheapest way to build links in Hungary is through guest blogging. Through the acquisition of guest articles, you can build good partnerships (by the way, you also strengthen your credibility, as others also give their name to your content), and your service and product can reach a relevant target audience.
  • Mentions: Quality content is also mention by other experts (possibly influencers) in their writings, this is the most natural way to get backlinks and is like by seo trends. A good way to do this is to search for yourself every few months. If you stumble upon such content, you can contact the author of the content to place the URL you submitted in your post.
  • PR activity: There are many ways to do PR activity, but few agencies take SEO aspects into account so far. Yet mentions earn on professional sites can be use very well in search engine optimization. If your company has previously appeared in the media, you may want to contact the press and ask them to place a link. You often have to pay for it, but some strong links pay off a lot in the long run.

Tip: When building links it’s still important to link to your website from a page with a high DA / PA value. You can check this yourself with a free domain authority checker, such as the MOZ Free Domain SEO Analysis Tool and the Website SEO Checker .

  1. Unchanged SEO trend in 2021 as well: more data and analysis

Effective search engine optimization(seo trends) will be an impossible challenge without tracking your results. Make hiding the Search Console and Analytics one of your daily tasks. You can also check your page for crawl errors, check bounce rates, load speeds, link sources, and Core Web Vital metrics.



SEO is an increasingly complex activity: good search engine optimization is based on quality content, but it is no longer enough to focus on keywords and simple title and meta settings. The goal is to develop a smart SEO strategy that will allow you to stay at the forefront of organic results on a permanent basis. To do this, you need to gain a wide range of SEO knowledge and keep up with Google’s innovations.


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