Finding Qualified BigCommerce SEO Experts For Your Marketing

The world of eCommerce is heating up. If you haven’t noticed, you can’t go 5 seconds on Google, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube without getting served ads related to online shopping. Whether it’s Amazon pulling you in with sweet deals or your favorite niche store announcing a new product line, it seems like eCommerce is absolutely dominating the Internet at the moment.

As a store owner yourself, you’re likely looking for a way of competing in this crowded space. This is where knowing the right BigCommerce SEO Experts can be absolutely essential to your online success.

What is BigCommerce SEO? This is an area of marketing concerned chiefly with getting your BigCommerce store to rank higher in the organic Google search results. Obviously, that’s a big deal, especially if you intend on growing as a business and out-performing your competitors.

So what does it entail, exactly? Can’t you just take care of your SEO by yourself or with your own in-house marketers?

Not quite, at least not if you want to get anywhere.

Marketing under any circumstances these days is somewhat difficult. You have to be fresh and come with a sophisticated plan that is based on data, backed by a strong and knowledgeable team that has skin in the game. With SEO, this is even more important, because it’s so difficult to rank on the first page for anything these days.

Think about it. You have hundreds of other websites and businesses just like yours trying to reach the first page and capitalize on users who are browsing for similar products. Sometimes you even have to go head to head with big box stores and eCommerce giants like Amazon and Etsy.

How do you actually intend to do this? There’s a lot more to it than selecting a certain product or keyword and just spamming it all over your website. Those tactics may have worked a decade ago, but we’re long past the days when you can go in blind with SEO. You can no longer fool Google.

In fact, the algorithms have gotten so good that in order to rank well organically, you need a solid plan put in place, developed by SEO experts that really know what they are doing. Then, the actual implementation of the plan needs to be handled carefully over the course of several months and years. The plan must be agile as well, so the marketers in charge of your BigCommerce SEO have to be ready to adjust the campaign based on the data they receive.

Not every agency is equipped for this degree of marketing savvy. To get the kind of results you need, the proper BigCommerce SEO experts need to be consulted.

Skilled BigCommerce SEO Experts Will Help You:

  • Choose the right keywords
  • Target the right pages on your website based on those keywords
  • Take care of site speed issues that could be hindering your bounce rate and conversions
  • Address technical issues that could be sending red flags to Google
  • Write powerful content that helps you attract readers to your website
  • Create a strong backlink profile for your website that helps improve your domain authority and the context that Google uses to know whether or not to rank your website
  • Develop a winning strategy based on the data that is collected

The difference that an SEO expert can make for your business is rather substantial. There’s a reason why SEO is considered to be one of, if not the most effective form of digital marketing out there right now.

If you want to optimize your online store, give the team at Genius eCommerce® a chance to work on your BigCommerce site and boost your rankings. They are known as the #1 team of BigCommerce SEO experts, so get in touch with them today if you want the best for your marketing.

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