Getting Rid of Bad Sun Glare on Your Windshield

The effects of sun glare go beyond irritation. It can seriously impair your eyesight, increasing the likelihood of colliding with a cyclist, pedestrian, or vehicle.

According to a recent study, bright sunlight was at blame for one-third of all daytime accidents. The probability of being involved in a risky car accident climbed by a staggering 16% in bright sunlight.

The law demands that drivers have free windshields to maintain a clear view of the road. As a result, you, the driver, are at least partially responsible for any crashes resulting from anything obstructing your opinion, even if it’s just the light reflecting off a dirty windshield. It’s crucial to take action now to reduce solar glare because the summer’s brightest days are still to come. By doing this, you reduce your risk of getting into a collision and all the adverse effects that result.

Taking Action If Sun Glare Caused Your Crash

Contact a Fort Wayne car accident attorney for vehicle accidents if you were hurt by a driver who failed to see you because of sun glare. Drivers who sustain injuries have a right to recompense for their damages.

An accomplished auto accident lawyer from our law firm can look into your collision, consult with experts in accident reconstruction, determine a just settlement amount, and bargain with the insurance provider.

Guidelines for Avoiding Glare

Even the most cautious drivers run the risk of causing a collision when sun glare impairs their vision. These actions can lessen the glare on your windshield and reduce your risk of getting into an accident.

Maintain a spotless windshield.

Every time you fill up your tank, you should clean the outside of your windshield. You may wash your windshield home with soap and water, then wipe it down with vinegar and a lint-free cloth.

Stay away from wax and other car-gloss products.

Although everyone enjoys a shiny automobile, using wax products on the exterior paint might cause light to scatter off the hood and enhance the light entering your windshield.

Maintain a clear dashboard

Reflections from shiny or light-coloured dashboard items on the windshield might be annoying. Depending on the lighting, these reflections may obscure what is happening outside your car.

Maintain the wipers on your windshield.

Minor scratches, chips, and cracks can alter how sunlight passes through the glass. As a result of these flaws, light bounces off them and around your car, greatly obstructing your view.

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