How Do I Apply for Workers’ Compensation for Temporary Partial Disability in Virginia?

If your doctor has placed restrictions on your capacity to work during your recuperation, but your employer is willing to accommodate those needs, you may qualify for temporary partial disability benefits. Your doctor may advise you to cut back on your work hours or prevent you from engaging in certain physical activities, such as prolonged standing or sitting or carrying heavy objects. Your employer may ask you to return to work on a reduced schedule due to your medical restrictions, or they may offer you a temporary transfer to a different position with less physically demanding duties.

You are obligated to return to work for your employer in a part-time or light-duty capacity if your company offers you such a position and it is feasible given your medical limitations. Refusing to return to work part-time or in a light-duty position that your treating physician has approved you to undertake can result in your disqualification from workers’ compensation benefits. Diss your situation with a reputed Richmond workers’ comp attorney.

What is the typical function of Virginia’s TDI benefits, for example?

Let’s say that before a work-related illness or injury cut your income in half, you were bringing in $1,000 per week. In cases where medical restrictions prevent you from completing the duties of your regular employment, you may be eligible to file for temporary partial disability benefits if you return to work part-time or accept a lower-paying position with your employer. It’s possible to make only $700 per week while you’re healing if you work part-time or in a light-duty role that pays less than your regular employment. Two-thirds of the difference between your pre-injury weekly pay of $1,000 and your new, reduced weekly wage of $700 is $200 per week, which is the maximum benefit you can get under temporary partial disability.

What is the Maximum Duration of Virginia TPD Benefits?

You are eligible for temporary total disability payments and temporary partial disability benefits for up to 500 weeks under Virginia’s workers’ compensation regulations. The 500-week cap includes both TTD and TPD benefit periods. If you experience a work-related injury or illness and are initially granted 50 weeks of temporary total disability benefits, but then make enough progress in your rehabilitation to return to part-time or light-duty employment, you may be eligible for a reduction in your benefits.

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