Hire a skilled attorney for your debt collection lawsuit in Chicago

It is a no-brainer that not repaying your debt in time will land you in trouble. Unfortunately, debt collection lawsuits are rather common in Chicago. People are often out of their depths in such circumstances and make the mistake of ignoring the lawsuit, only to suffer worse consequences. While you can choose to represent yourself in a debt collection lawsuit, it may not be the wisest thing to do. The lack of legal experience can impact your case. Instead of worrying about how you will deal with the lawyer’s fee, consider seeking an initial low-cost evaluation. Top names like Zero Debt Law Firm ensure that clients get the support they need. In this post, let’s discuss the benefits of having an attorney for your lawsuit.

Never ignore a debt collection lawsuit

You may believe that you can ignore the debt collection lawsuit, but this could result in the default judgement. In fact, the debt collector or creditor may use the default judgement to place a lien on your home and other properties and freeze your bank accounts, which could literally halt your life. If you think that the debt collector adhered to unlawful ways to get the money or you have been subjected to humiliation at work, you should contact a lawyer anyway. When it comes to defense for debt collection lawsuits, legal experience is an aspect you cannot ignore.

Understanding the role of debt collection defense lawyers

Your lawyer will start with an evaluation of your case and determine the legal options you can consider. In some cases, lawyers manage to get the lawsuit dismissed, while for others, they get to an arrangement with the debt collector. If the latter happens, you may not need to pay the entire amount and will have a payment plan that’s affordable and easy to adhere to. Your debt collection defense lawyer will also evaluate whether you have a counterclaim and if the debt collector has violated any of the laws, including the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

The good news is debt collection lawsuits don’t usually end up in court in Illinois, and if you act right after you know of the case, you have a better chance of getting a fair outcome. Most lawyers allow clients to pay their fees in a phased manner or as per a payment plan, and therefore, hiring legal expertise doesn’t have to be challenging or expensive.

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