Is It Worth Getting A Lawyer After A Car Accident?

A question asked by most people after they are involved in a car accident is if it is worth getting a lawyer involved. Whether or not to engage a lawyer is debatable depending on the magnitude of the case at hand and familiarity with both insurance and legal processes. 

Most citizens do not know their legal rights, and the process seems complicated by the legal jargon that leaves many frustrated. If this sounds like you, you may need legal representation by experts such as an Orlando accident attorney/lawyer to avoid the intimidating court processes.

However, many car accidents do not go through the legal process. These cases could be because those engaged decide to settle out of court, the accident is minor, or the engaged parties do not seek compensation. The services of a lawyer may not be needed in such cases. Below, we explore whether it is worth getting a lawyer after a car accident and circumstances under which you may not need one.

Reasons Why It’s Worth Getting A Lawyer After A Car Accident

An experienced car accident injury lawyer is well versed on what to investigate to ensure a favorable verdict. This is what they do daily and are therefore very well versed with the court procedures, crash scene investigations, how to handle witnesses, and anything else related to the case. The lawyer does all they can to ensure you get maximum compensation.

The court process is also an unfamiliar ground for most citizens. This includes the jargon used. A lawyer is well versed in the jargon and is not a stranger to the court process.

A lawyer also advises on the best course of action to take depending on the magnitude of the case, the possible outcome, and compensation. From their courtroom experience, they can easily weigh and determine whether to negotiate, file the case immediately or collect more information before filing a case.

Careful Investigation And Deserved Compensation

A lawyer is trained to do careful investigation in a bid to extract relevant evidence to present to the court or auto insurance company in case they agree to compensate you. Besides investigating the accident scene and who is responsible, one of the most important aspects of the investigation is the amount of compensation equivalent to the sustained injuries. 

A layman may not understand the magnitude and may ask for minimal compensation or what is presented on the table, especially when dealing with insurance agents. An attorney does a thorough investigation that ensures you get the compensation you deserve.

Avoid Insurance Companies Underhand Tactics

Insurance companies are in business and will try to offer the least compensation. Most times, they try to negotiate with you before you engage a car accident lawyer. Since you do not know the magnitude of the case or you are intimidated by the legal process, you may fall for their offer. 

These companies sometimes do all they can to escape liability. Other tactics include intimidation and engaging accident victims when they are vulnerable and not in the right mind to make the best decisions. In these circumstances, the victims get the lower end of the bargain compared to what they could have been compensated for if they engaged a lawyer. 

One key thing to remember is that an insurance agent and adjuster are trained to use these underhand tactics for the insurance company’s benefit, which is part of their work.

Instances When You May Not Need A Lawyer

There are a few instances where you may not opt to seek the services of a lawyer, especially if there’s nothing much to gain or if the accident was minor. Such incidences include:

At-Fault Driver

If you were at fault during the accident, you might not need a lawyer. Legal representation is one of the benefits you enjoy from your auto insurance. Most of these companies have lawyers who are ready to represent you.

Minor Accident With No injuries

During a minor accident, individuals exchange contacts just in case something arises later and leave the scene. If the accident is minor and the compensation is not commensurate to the legal fees, you may opt to let go.

If you did not experience any physical injuries, you might opt not to engage a lawyer. This may take a while to determine, though, since most injuries from accidents do not manifest immediately.

If You Are Not Interested In Financial Compensation

If you have the financial means and feel the compensation received from the accident is inconsequential, you may opt to leave a lawyer out of the case. Some people might opt to pay their medical expenses and even repair their cars, especially if the accident was minor.

The auto insurance providers may also opt to do the repairs, and with a medical cover, one may not need to use their own money for treatment.

Out Of Court Settlement

You may seek the services of an arbitrator in case the other party agrees to settle the case out of court. In this case, you may opt not to use a lawyer as long as the arbitrator, in this case, is someone trustworthy or qualified.

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