What Kinds of Motor Vehicle Accidents are Common in Philadelphia?

What Kinds of Motor Vehicle Accidents are Common in Philadelphia?

Philadelphia is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States, with a population of more than 1.5 million residents. As a major city in the northeast, Philadelphia witnesses different types of traffic challenges that affect its roads and highways significantly. And as a result, thousands of traffic accidents occur every year throughout Philadelphia due to these varying circumstances.

Thousands of people are injured in motor vehicle accidents every year. When you get into an accident, the vehicle itself can become a dangerous weapon. Many different kinds of accidents may occur in Philadelphia, but some account for more than others. Among all accidents, pedestrian accidents account for the highest rate, with nearly 2% of total accidents. These happen when someone walking is struck by a moving motor vehicle. You can go to any Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys at the onset of these accidents and discuss the scope of compensation.

Let us now explore the most common types of motor vehicle accidents that occur in Philadelphia.

  • Pedestrian accidents

Nearly 15,000 pedestrians were injured in crashes last year. That’s about one every eight hours. And those are just the ones we know about. A lot of people get hit and don’t report it. Although Philadelphia is one of the most pedestrian-friendly cities in America, there is still a lot of car traffic and many long stretches without sidewalks.

  • Semi accidents

The number of semi accidents in Philadelphia is higher than the national average. Semi accidents in Philadelphia are most likely to happen at I-76 and I-476 or I-95 and I-676. There are many contributing factors to these incidents, but the chief among them is driver distraction.

  • Car accidents

In recent years, car accidents in Philadelphia have been on the rise. The significant increase in fatal accidents has been attributed to the exponential growth in the number of drivers over the last decade. Sadly, more than 83% of these accidents are caused by human errors and not mechanical malfunctions.

  • Truck accidents

Truck accidents in Philadelphia are happening more often than ever before. These accidents are an ongoing problem in the city, resulting in serious injuries and fatalities. Every day, people are put at risk by these negligent drivers. In addition, trucks are also causing an increase in vehicular air pollution, harming both human health and environment.

  • Bus accidents

Philadelphia is one of the most populous cities in the country and therefore also has a large bus system. And as a result, buses are involved in more than 13,000 crashes per year in Philadelphia. In addition, the fatality rate for bus accidents in Philadelphia is higher than most other types of motor vehicles.


Here are some common injuries caused during a car accident:

  • Back injury – A back injury such as spinal cord injury can be the reason for loss of function or paralysis. The human body and spine cannot bear heavy force leading to various complications. Back injuries are one of the common injuries in car accidents. The disability caused by injury can be long-lasting. On the other hand, less severe damage to the spinal cord may result in chronic pain. 
  • Bruns – After a crash, if a vehicle comes in contact with chemicals or hot fluids and catches fire, the person can suffer burns. Severe burn damages your deep tissue and may need good treatment, surgery, or skin grafting. Also, breathing the fire smoke in can cause lung cancer. 
  • Broken bones – Fractures, broken legs, ribs, arms are some common injuries that cause a car accident. Sometimes the injury can cause life-threatening difficulties by harming internal organs. Additionally, severe breakage may require surgery to repair the bones. 
  • Facial injury and scars – Due to car accidents, facial injuries can occur, and the reason could be broken glass, impact with steering, wheel, dash, side window, or car seat. Defacement caused due to car accidents can leave a scar on your face for an extended period or may need surgical correction. 
  • Cuts or bruises – Soft tissue injury gets better quickly, but if cuts and bruises are severe, it can affect your deep muscle tissue or internal organs. Cuts and bruises to the eyes can lead to vision loss for a lifetime. 

 Why consult a lawyer?

One of the first ways you should get injured during a car accident is to consult a personal injury lawyer. The reason to hire an attorney is to make sure that you get the compensation you are entitled to. Your injury lawyer will be well experienced in handling such types of cases. Insurance companies may set low prices, which results in insufficient settlements and not cover the cost the victim has caused due to the car accident.

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