Is Your Ex-Spouse Creating Problems Post-Divorce?

Divorce can get nasty and take a negative turn that you may have never imagined. Often, divorce brings out sides of people that one cannot imagine. Greed, anger, frustration, and other negative emotions can take over your brain and result in activating the ‘revenge’ mode against your former partner. 

After a divorce, you and your ex-partner may have agreed on certain aspects, especially when children are involved. Even if you have child custody, you cannot refrain your child from meeting their other parent. However, there are various issues that arise even after your divorce is finalized. If you believe your spouse is creating trouble post-divorce, ensure to speak to an attorney. You can look for reliable attorneys in your city by searching for a divorce lawyer near me on the internet. 

Your partner may fail to coordinate for co-parenting. 

After a divorce, you and your ex-spouse will go separate ways. However, when children are involved, you are supposed to coordinate with your ex for your child. Unfortunately, it is common to notice co-parenting failures between the two parents after a divorce. There may be various reasons why your partner is not coordinating, and failure in co-parenting can affect your child negatively. Therefore, it is vital to speak to your ex-partner about the on-going issue and ensure you and your ex-partner work in your child’s best interests for co-parenting. 

Your ex-spouse threatens you when you move on with someone else. 

Things can take a bad turn if your partner is toxic during the marriage. Unfortunately, many women have a hard time moving on with someone else after their divorce. This is because their ex-partner threatens them whenever they try to get involved with someone else romantically. However, you must know that in such cases, you should never be silent. Instead, you can take legal action against your ex-spouse if they threaten you in any way. Speak to an attorney if such a situation arises. An attorney will help in protecting you and ensure your ex-spouse is held accountable for their behavior. 

Failing to pay child support. 

When you go through a divorce process, child support is decided by the law, and failing to pay for child support has severe consequences. Many people try to run from paying child support by giving multiple excuses. However, if you notice your ex-spouse is making up reasons and excuses to not pay for child support, you have the right to take legal action against them. You can speak to a family lawyer, and they can help in addressing the issue. 

The next step. 

Sometimes a conversation can fix a lot of unwanted issues. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is communicate with your ex-partner about the problems you and the child is facing. In case they are unable to cooperate or refuse to understand the situation, you should speak to a divorce attorney. The attorney who helped you with the divorce process can assist you in exploring your legal options about the present problems. Also, if possible, they will also be able to bring the best for you and your partner. 

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