What to Do If Your Spouse Will Not Sign the Divorce Papers in Wisconsin?

Even the friendliest of divorces may be emotionally taxing and physically draining. It might be irritating and challenging for you if your husband is recalcitrant and refuses to sign the divorce decree. If your spouse disagrees, you may feel frustrated, confused, and anxious to move the situation along. Getting help from divorce attorneys in Milwaukee, WI will be the best option if you face any difficulty with your divorce.

Why Do They Not Sign?

Before anything else, it is critical to make an effort to comprehend why your spouse will not sign. This activity may have a variety of distinct motivations. Do they still want to save your marriage and find a solution? In some situations, sitting down and stating your dissatisfaction with your marriage to your spouse may be enough to convince them to sign.

Are they attempting to use your refusal to force you to give up possession of your children or certain assets? Some believe that they will have control over their spouse by refusing to sign, which will drive them to make concessions to expedite the divorce.

Making things harder for their spouse is a frequent motive we observe for a partner to hesitate to sign divorce forms. A spouse can delay signing the divorce papers for a while only to stir difficulties because divorce frequently brings out the worst in individuals. 

Understanding the rationale for their rejection to sign can help you determine the most effective course of action. Depending on what your husband is trying to accomplish by not signing the paperwork, you will need to decide if you should merely sit down and speak, wait it out, or take a firm line with negotiations.

Is Divorce Still an Option?

You might be worrying and questioning if you can still obtain a divorce or if you are locked in the marriage due to your spouse’s refusal to sign the divorce decree if they have done so. The incredible thing is that Wisconsin, like most states, is a “no-fault” state, which means you do not need to show that one spouse did something wrong to cause the divorce. Instead, you can only say that you believe the marriage cannot be saved and keep filing for divorce.

You will only need to submit a Petition for Marriage Dissolution to the courts with the assistance of your divorce lawyer. You do not require your spouse’s signature to do this.

A process server will deliver the documents to your spouse after filing them. After that, your husband will still have 20 days to submit a court answer. It will now be their greatest advantage to reply to your file formally; if they fail to do so within 20 days, the judge will declare the divorce uncontested.

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