Using IGTV Series to Grow Your Audience & Sell Your Products

Instagram debuted the IGTV function in 2018, paving the way for new company growth options. Through IGTV, users may produce and upload longer-form videos that were previously not permitted on Instagram. The duration of the movie might range from 15 seconds to ten minutes. It can also be extended up to 60 minutes, but only on larger or verified accounts.

IGTV has a plethora of advantages for brands. Several are

Enhanced product and service visibility:

Businesses now have the option of creating Instagram videos with a longer duration via IGTV. This increased their possibilities of driving traffic to their accounts and websites. As a result, their products and services gained tremendous visibility. Given the increasing popularity of online video, utilizing IGTV is an excellent approach to boost the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

Educational and entertaining source for viewers:

According to researchers, tutorials and demos are the most popular kind of video material. Neither lessons nor demos can be completed in less than a minute. This hurdle was overcome with the announcement of IGTV. It enabled marketers to educate potential customers in-depth about their products and services. As a result, marketers can educate and entertain their audiences at the same time by making compelling IGTV films.

Facilitates increased engagement:

Over the years, video marketing has established itself as one of the most powerful marketing techniques. Businesses may exploit the benefits of both video marketing and Instagram’s large user base by utilizing IGTV. It’s an excellent method for organically increasing interaction. The higher the degree of engagement, the greater the likelihood of increasing conversions.

What is an Instagram TV series?

Instagram just enhanced IGTV by introducing the IGTV series. The announcement reawakened interest among brands eager to explore the opportunity. IGTV series are similar to YouTube playlists. It enables creators to gather together related pieces of material. Users can access the series via the IGTV app or directly from their Instagram page.

How are Instagram TV programs created?

If you’re considering launching your own IGTV series, the following steps can assist you:

Create a content plan:

Developing video material for an IGTV series is distinct from that of making a standard one. To begin creating videos for the series, you must first consider the overall concept and topic of your IGTV series. Because each series has similar content, you’ll need to organize your films so that several episodes can be generated around the same theme. Another consideration when creating material for IGTV series is that, while the videos will have a recurring subject, they should be entertaining for viewers.

Create a storyline and a script:

While creating your IGTV series, it’s a good idea to lay out the fundamental material of all the videos included in the series. Create a storyline for this. Determine the precise flow of the videos and the method by which you intend to accomplish it. You must consider camera angles, lighting, and the people involved, among other factors.

Produce the series:

Once the foundational work is complete, the enjoyable part begins. Produce the series within your budget. To make interesting films, you do not always require high-quality cameras, equipment, and videographers. If your movies have unique and fascinating content, viewers will gravitate toward you and support you.

Distribute the video:

Uploading an IGTV series is a simple and quick process. Upload your video clip to the IGTV app after it is complete. While you’re doing it, you will be invited to choose or submit a cover image for the video. After that, proceed to the next screen, where you’ll see options for adding a caption, adding a location, tagging individuals, and sharing on other social media sites. Among these alternatives is one titled “IGTV series.” Select “Add to series” beneath that.

How can I use the IGTV series to develop my business?

There are several ways to leverage IGTV Series to build your business. Consider a few of them.

Assemble a team of influencers:

Collaborating with influencers is probably the most common method of increasing Instagram engagement. You can conceive of innovative methods to collaborate with influencers to create IGTV series content.  In that case, you can send your products to influencers and celebrities and ask them to create 5- to 10-minute videos teaching their followers about the products. Each of these videos can be classified as a part of a series. Such an IGTV series will help your brand establish trust and credibility with its audience.

Produce instructional videos:

The most-watched videos on the internet are tutorials. They are effective for both product and service marketing. Numerous cosmetics businesses create tutorial videos to enhance their popularity. Additionally, businesses that sell complex or unusual products create tutorial videos to educate their audience about the proper way to use their products. In the realm of services, fitness DVDs demonstrating the appropriate technique for squats and lunges are examples.

Produce behind-the-scenes footage:

The public is fascinated by the process of creating a product or providing a service. For instance, if you own a fast-food restaurant, you can make a video series demonstrating the steps involved in preparing a single burger or pizza.

Customer Stories & Testimonials:

You can establish a special series devoted to real client testimonials. This further establishes your brand’s reputation in the eyes of your audience. As a result, it contributes to the development of client loyalty.

Suggestions for making compelling IGTV series

To build a compelling IGTV series, keep the following in mind:

  1. Consistently or similarly style all of the videos in your series. This enhances its attraction and attractiveness to spectators.
  2. Regularly promote your IGTV series on other channels such as Twitter and Facebook, in addition to Instagram. This is important to gain additional views and followers.
  3. Create video material that is SEO-friendly. When it comes to digital marketing, search engine optimization is the most critical thing to consider. Utilize appropriate keywords and relevant hashtags to aid in the discovery of your content.
  4. Using Instagram Insights, monitor your IGTV performance regularly. Instagram Insights is a free tool that analyzes the performance of your Instagram content. Several metrics include views, saves, likes, and comments.
  5. Viewers’ attention spans are limited. As a result, if you want to keep their interest until the finish, you must make the first ten seconds of your movies extremely intriguing and attention-grabbing. It is best to state plainly what the video is about and what you intend to accomplish during this time period.
  6. Choose your cover image carefully, as this is the first thing your viewers will see. This must once again be visually appealing.

When used effectively, the IGTV series can generate a slew of benefits for your organization. Utilize this function to the fullest extent possible by employing the strategies stated above!

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