Tips for Selecting a Travel Agency Guide

If you want to start an international travel agency, you will first have to understand a lot about tourism. Today, the travel industry is more developed, which means finding the right kind of travel agency guide is more important than ever before. Finding a reliable and trusted travel agency with a proven track record in the industry, is usually a little bit hard nowadays, due to the ongoing process brought by digital marketing. However, compiling travel pieces like hotel, transport, tour package and other such essentials as well, is a rather time-consuming process and you need to understand all ins and outs of planning the whole process…

Do you plan to set up a travel agency? – Look for companies that are members of Association of International Travel Agents (ATA) or International Travel Franchising Organizations (ITFO). These travel agencies are required to adhere to specific standards, rules and policies of their respective organizations. They also agree to provide services to clients located in every continent around the world.

Find out if your travel agency guide will feature international travel agencies, too. You can’t run a business without a market, and this principle applies to travel agencies, as well. Since most people travel internationally to take a break from their home turf, it’s important that travel agencies make booking travel easier for them. Find out if you’ll be working with international or multi-regional agencies so you’ll know which business structure to follow.

Find out what booking travel solutions the company offers. It should include booking travel insurance, handling payment online, providing language translation, processing visas, implementing quality customer service, arranging airport clearance and more. Multi-regional agencies tend to have deeper pockets; they have better connections and can get better deals on flights and accommodation. If you want to run an authentic, professional business, it’s important to choose your travel agency according to its market and level of expertise.

How is a travel agency chosen by a client? Clients do this through referrals from people they trust. If you have strong relationships with other businessmen and women in your field of business, it’s easier to recommend your travel agency to other people. Make sure your friends, colleagues and acquaintances are satisfied with the services the company is willing to provide through its website, too.

Will the travel agency help with visas and passports? – A travel agency guide about a particular country helps foreign travelers determine which countries accept their currencies. This is especially true for travelers traveling to difficult countries such as Iran. The website also provides information about the necessary requirements for entering the country. Iranian travelers also need to be aware that there is currently a ban on most electronic devices. That might connect them to the Persian Gulf. Your travel agency should be able to provide information about the current situation regarding travel to Iran.

Does the travel agency have a limited liability policy? – Some travel agencies don’t have personal assets or a limited liability policy. Because they think it would cost them less to keep these policies secret. In reality, it costs much more to keep a secret. To protect yourself against lawsuits, you should make sure your company has a limited liability clause.

Is the travel agent member of a trade organization? These agents are therefore typically less costly than independent contractors. But the downside is that they have less sway over airline carriers and sometimes their recommendations are not as trustworthy.

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