10 TIPS for Choosing an Airport Car to Travel Abroad

Airport Car rental is an important decision, because almost half of the users of the services car rental face problems. Almost half of users of car rental services face problems caused by both lack of information and ignorance, and unscrupulous car rental companies. Most often, car rental customers face such problems as non-return of collateral, double “freezing” of money on a credit card and an unlawfully imposed monetary fine.

How to choose the most advantageous offer? What is a security deposit? What do I need to rent a car? In this article, we will tell you how to act if you do not have your own car, but you need a quick and convenient solution for a long or short time. So the choice is quite complicate.

Choosing an Airport Car

Take into account that the largest airport car rental companies do not always provide the most advantageous offer – get acquaint with the offers of smaller service providers. Find out about the possible additional fee – surcharges for winter tires, GPS, car delivery. If you plan to rent a car at the airport, you need to take into account that prices can be 10% higher (often charge”airport fee”).

Age restriction and additional requirements

Most often, cars rented to persons who have reached the age of 21 and have at least 1 year of driving experience of the corresponding vehicle, in turn, more expensive cars are provided only from the age of 25. In cases where the person has not reached the age of 21 or the driving experience is 1-2 years, an additional fee may charged. When renting a car, you can enter an additional driver, which is also a paid service .

Security deposit

Many do not know that when renting a car, a security deposit is made, with the help of which the land-lord guarantees compliance with the contract – the amount of the deposit block on the bank card. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account that you will need a valid credit card. The security deposit can reduced taking into account the driving experience or the age of the tenant and the season. Please note that the security deposit is refundable only on weekdays.

Booking a car via the Internet

According to statistics, more than 50% prefer to reserve a car via the Internet, but about 30% of them do not teach a specific reserved car. If you decide to book a car via the Internet, guided only by images of cars, please note that the rental guarantees only a car of the appropriate class. Thus, the car may be visually different from the chosen one or be of a different model. For booking a particular car, as a rule, an additional fee charged. In turn, if the car of the selected class is not available, the car rental company must offer a car of a higher class for the same price.


When booking a car, it is necessary to take into account what included in the rent – the permitted mileage, the necessary equipment, for example, winter tires, GPS, child seat, etc. It is also possible to rent a car together with a professional driver who will drive the car for you.

If an additional fee included in the received invoice at the end of the lease, you need to make sure that it justified. For example, if an invoice received for an unpaid fine for a violation, an appropriate document proving the fact of violation required. If the car rental car rental company holds part of the blocked amount, be sure to contact a representative of the bank to clarify this situation. The rent does not include the parking fee.


Make sure that the car insured against damage and theft – be sure to choose a car with insurance – in case of theft or any damage to the car, financial responsibility will lie with you, regardless of the guilty persons. If the car insurance includes “self-risk” deductible then you should weigh whether the size of the insurance self-risk is adequate.

Self-risk is a part of the losses that you will have to cover when an insure event occurs, and the remaining amount, for example, additional repair costs, will be covered by the insurance company. Check what are the conditions of the propose insurance, for example, in case of theft of the car can be covered only the cost of the car, but not the personal belongings of the driver. In such cases, we recommend purchasing additional insurance.

Acceptance certificate

Upon receipt and delivery of the car, it is necessary to issue acts of delivery and acceptance, which is a mandatory component of the contract. The acts record the technical and visual condition of the machine – you can also make marks in them, indicating scratches, dents and other defects. Thus, the possibility that an unscrupulous distributor will force to cover the costs of already existing damages exclude.

Territory restrictions

If you are going to travel by car abroad, make sure that this is provided for by car rental, since the contract may include a clause prohibiting departure from the territory of the relevant country. In turn, in some cases, to travel outside the country, it is necessary to issue a power of attorney. As a rule, the minimum period of car rental is one day (24 hours).


Most often, the car must returned with the same amount of fuel as at the time of issuance. Otherwise, the car rental provider may charge an additional fee at its own fuel rates, which must be specified in the rental agreement. Some service providers offer to make a prepayment of fuel. It is also necessary to find out what fuel required for the car.

Return of the car

The car must returned on time! Depending on the clause stipulated in the contract, you will have to pay a fine for being late (for example, if you are a few hours late, a fee for an additional 24 hours may charged). Take into account that the car must be returned in the same condition in which you received it – clean and with the same amount of gasoline as at the time of receipt of the car. In most cases, the airport airsial car rental agreement includes a clause on the prohibition of smoking.

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