Buran Ghati Trek- Everything you want to know to travel


Each trip has some great stages. Each trip also has stages, we admit to the disappointment, which are incomplete. However, if you are on a Buran Ghati trip, even with your most sensitive eye, this imperfection is hard to spot. 

There is no moment in this journey where you are disappointed. It was as if someone had taken away all the best parts of our Himalayan trek and assembled them to make one complete trip. 

The journey begins in the ancient village of Janglik, reminiscent of the kind of old, “untouched” civilizations that you can find on the journey of Har Ki Dun. The trail climbs out of Janglik and into the dense jungle and enters the Dayara region. Many travelers stop on their way here, their cheeks cheering at the amazing Dayara Meadows.


You leave Dayara expecting the meadows are gone – and you won’t be too wrong. The road to Litham is full of forests and meadows. Here is iDunda. If any camping site can offer you the beauty of an alpine mountain range and the excitement of a spectacular climb, Dunda will be among the best.

 Barua, on the other side of the world, is a beautiful old town that can clearly remind you of the Hobbiton from the Lord of the Rings. Old houses, fruit trees, alleyways – it’s their own land.

 As we can see, the Buran Ghati tour has all the highlights of a difficult journey, and crossing the most exciting world, combined with a moderate journey. There are quicker changes of places, and save the passing day, most days are easy to balance. If you are looking for a summer or autumn trip, do not think twice, go to Buran Ghati.


The Buran Ghati trek is a 37-kilometer (5-day) trek (8 days including driving and back and forth trips and day trips,) to the Greater Himalayas.

 The trip is in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It starts at Janglik and ends at Mail.

 It is a moderate (more on that later this page) and having a knowledge of Himalayan travel or two is helpful while on this trip.


  1. Dayara Meadows

Dayara meadows should be one of my favorite categories, and I think even pedestrians will say so. You start to see it from a high point as you climb out of the dark forest. Ahead many miles away is a country with a wide table carved on the sides of a mountain.

One side of the grass rises the sides of the mountain, and the other down the cliff into the lower ravines. In the centre is a vast green plain where horses gallop.

  1. Buran Ghati Wall And Snow Slides

The highest altitude journey, reaching 15,000 feet – which puts the journey in the highest adventure category. Reaching the summit of Buran Ghati and repeating it over and over again is a joy I will never forget.

  1. The villages of Janglik and Mail

Two villages on the journey, Janglik and Mail – I think – people should just take a trip to see the ancient culture and how it is still preserved. These are two of my favorite Letters.

I love the way we go upstairs, and then we blow the wind down, watching the rural culture come to its feet, about a thousand feet down! Beware of buildings, people, and temples. Lots of fruit trees too!

  1. Litham Campsite

Litham surprised me. This is a camping site where the two valleys meet. You can stay in Litham and watch for hours in two valleys. But one thing to note would be the high waterfalls from the Chandranahan nose. People talk about the famous Rupin waterfalls on the Rupin Pass tour. But this is amazing!

. Go to Chandranahan Lake

I think the journey to Chandranahan lake is very short. For me I felt better than crossing Buran Ghati. Just minutes you reach the nose of the Chandranahan waterfalls, being transported to an alpine landscape. It is located on a narrow hill in a snowy valley.

The snowcapped mountains are above you, all in an impressive setting. The Pabbar River is near you. You make your way over one beautiful hill after another to reach the heart of this valley. The journey and setting are still up to me to find the visual pleasure.


Trekking will help you to live in the moment, improve your mood. you forget all your problems when you are trekking. Once you start trekking there is no turning back and Buran ghati is a good place to do it.

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