Ladakh with its capital Leh  also known as the “land of high passes” is one of the exciting travel destinations in the northernmost part of India. With its uneven topographical features and barren landscape, one is always mesmerized by the splendid views that it offers. Anyone visiting here gets completely attracted by its picturesque views and ends up in wonderful photography.

Bike lovers ought to take the path to mountains through this adventurous route  into the luxurious greenery on this epic Leh Ladakh bike trip. Ladakh by road is probably the most difficult route  in India due to the rugged landscapes and rough roads with a bumpy ride.All that is worthy as upon reaching your destination, it feels like one of the most fulfilling and magnificent routes to be included in your tour checklists.

So, what to wait for, just get your hands dirty on an epic Leh Ladakh trip you have ever dreamt of!!! Please don’t forget to wear your helmets and mask and follow the Covid-19 protocols while you are travelling irrespective of by any means……

Tips to Remember:

  • In order to maintain safety, it’s essential to carry a sturdy helmet and put it to use all the time while you’re riding
  • Valid driving licence and all valid identity proofs to be kept handy
  • Necessary clothing, other items of daily use and shoes for the long riding journey ahead.
  • Gadgets to be kept charged enough and power banks or necessary charging points to last till the day long journey
  • First aid kit and medicines for the high level of altitude and enough water bottles
  • Torch and a knife should be kept for any kind of dangers as a measure of self defense activities
  • Lastly, carry enough sunscreen with SPF level to its maximum; in order to protect your skin from the direct sunlight and avoid the burn

Itinerary to plan and prepare the journey:

One can plan the bike trip according to their time availability, the route they undertake and the bike riding experience. The ideal time to do a bike trip is from June to September. One of the essential parts of the entire trip is the choice of the bike itself.

Now let’s get to the trip itself:

Day 1:

Magnetic Hill

To get the experience of the defiance of the Law of Gravity, one must visit this place and get to feel this awesome experience where in spite of the elevation the cars or bikes will go uphill instead of downhill To get a pleasant view and feeling of the nature amd the magical feeling, one must make it to their bucket list.

Pathar Sahib Gurudwara

One of the most revered places where Guru Nanak Dev ji, founder of the Sikh religion is believed to have conquered a demon. According to the legend,  Babaji  was meditating at this place and a demon had thrown a big rock to obstruct his prayers. The boulder turned into soft wax that failed to hurt him. On seeing this the demon asked for penance from Guru Nanak ji, the latter forgave him.  The imprint of the body of Guru Nanak Dev and the footprint of the demon is on display on the boulder in Gurdwara Pathar Sahib. E The Gurudwara is under maintenance by the Indian Army.

Day 2:

Hemis Monastery

Around 45 kilometers from the town of Leh, is located the Hemis Monastery at a high climb, some spiritual activities on the way to the main abode of Lord Buddha.  However, it was restored in 1672. It is a Tibetan convent which is one of the most significant spot in Ladakh. Additionally, it has the greatest of all Thangka paints. It is the responsibility of the Hemis religious community to conduct an  yearly festival held in the respect of Lord Padmasambhava. It is one of the most exciting festivals among Buddhists.

Shanti Stupa

 The celebrated Shanti Stupa is situated at a height of 4267 meters above sea level. As it offers a picturesque view; it is an absolute necessity for the riders to witness either dawn or dazzling evening from the Shanti Stupa. It is a perfect  spot to discover harmony and peacefulness. The atmosphere around is so tranquil that it also adds up to the bliss of the destination.

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