Top Historical Places to visit in South India in 2022

India is a country with a long and illustrious history, culture, and tradition. From being the home of princely states to the country with the riches of its royal past, The nation has an impressive legacy to be proud of. Although the entire country is rich in rich history and culture, it is the south of India, particularly, that has drawn comparison to the reverence of earlier times in a way that’s quite stunning. From lavishness to enormous value in its old times, India of the south has numerous sites of historical significance.

  • Historical places in Goa

    Goa is usually known for its nightlife, beaches, and parties. But, for those interested, Goa also possesses a rich history. I suggest you include this part in your Goa trip. It is possible to see this heritage in the various churches and forts. Chapora Fort, built by the Portuguese in the 16th century, is one of them.

    Another popular tourist destination in Old Goa is the Basilica of Bom Jesus, which houses the relics of St. Francis Xavier, Goa’s patron saint. Fort Aguada, St. Anthony’s Royal Chapel, and Cabo Palace are all well-known tourist attractions.


  • Belum Caves of Andhra Pradesh

    These are limestone caves made of natural rock located within the Andhra Pradesh state in India. The caves are mostly known for rock-cut structures like the Kailasa temple in Ellora. The Belum caverns were built in the 12th century CE during the reign of the Kakatiya Dynasty.

    The fascinating aspect about these caves is that one will find inscriptions from different dynasties on the columns, including those for PratapRudradeva (1308–1326) and His son Mahadeva (1326), Ganapathideva (1428-1466) as well as Rudradeva III (1463-1516). The deity that is the center of attention in the Temple is Lord Shiva, seated on a massive pillar.

  • Western Ghats

    Do natural beauty and brilliance appeal to you? If so, you’re likely to be in trouble once you see the Western Ghats’ splendor that covers an immense area of 60 thousand square kilometers. You would never wish to be separated from this place.

  • History place in Mysore

    Mysore is proud of its rich heritage, evident in the temples and palaces. It was the capital of the famed Wadiyar Dynasty at one time. There is plenty to discover here for those who love history, including the magnificent Mysore Place to the incredible Chennakesava Temple.

    About course, no discussion of Mysore would be complete without mentioning “Tipu Sultan,” the Mysore tiger. His life’s legacy may be found all throughout the world. The ideal timing to travel to Mysore can be during Dussehra that falls between September and October.
    The magnificent Mysore Palace has everyone fascinated by its amazing splendour at this moment.

  • Pattadakal

    Pattadakal, on the shores of the Malaprabha River, exemplifies the Chalukya Dynasty’s creative grandeur. This city is famed for its beautiful temples, 10 in all.


These temples’ stunning aesthetics and historical significance caused them to be designated a World Heritage Site in 1987. The temples are a wonderful blend of North Indian and South Indian architectural traditions.


  • Bijapur

    The city of Bijapur was known as Vijaypur, is famous as the home of the second-highest and most expensive dome anywhere in the globe via Gol Gumbaz. Furthermore, it is also a historian’s wish to come true since Vijaypur is awash with amazing sites, and there’s plenty to discover in the area.

  • Mahabalipuram

    It was a well-known poet during the reign of the Peri-plus and Ptolemy and then was a port city to The Pallava dynasty. In the city, you have the chance to explore the extensive mythological as well as a political background of Mahabalipuram.  

Don’t miss out on the famous old temples that have amazing ancient Dravidian architecture when you visit Mahabalipuram. These include Pancha Ratna, Varaha Cave Temple, and Shore Temple.


  • Hampi

    The remains from the Vijayanagara Empire are located in this city, located in the Karnataka state in India. This city of grandeur was built by king Krishnadeva Raya and his successor Achyutharaya in a plain surrounded by hills.


The city spans 10 square kilometers of land, including numerous temples and Royal structures, open spaces, and defensive structures such as stone walls.


  • Chettinad

    The spirit of devotion and heritage are evident abundantly in Chettinad. The beauty of the Chettiar community is evident in the mansions that the traditional family and palaces built. Naturally, there are plenty of historical sites to explore in the area.

    One of them is Devakottai. It’s a pleasure to visit old mansions along Chettiar Lane. But, the place owes its splendor to its villas from the 18th century and stately homes with large courtyards and long corridors.
    You can find these places in the towns in Kaanadukathan, Aathangudi, Kandanur, and Kadiyapatti.
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