Necessary DOs and DON’Ts for Your Road Trip to Denver

Denver in Colorado State is a leader among tourist choice destinations. Globalization and World Cities Research Network policy institute rate the city as a Beta world. Denver firstly was not more than a connection to the Colorado ski fields, then it has become a major culture capital! The city is close to the mountains and offers you not only breathtaking surroundings but a lot of attractions. See an incredible culture thriving and numerous sights!

Denver car rental would gladly help you to pick up the best one for that kind of trip! If you are ready, let’s talk about what to do, and what is better to skip to not waste your time.

Don’t expect much from free beer tours

Do not visit the Coors Brewery Tour. Despite the fact that it’s the largest world single-site brewery, the tour area is busted, worn down, and even confusing. You likely won’t get to see much. Moreover, the tour is self-guided with an audio device. As many visitors say, the tours here are done mostly from promotional/informational boards/displays and not from the production facility itself. In general, it has quite a corporate-showroom atmosphere.
If you really like beer, and can’t refuse the possibility to taste famed local beer, just look for a microbrewery in the River North area, – one of Denver’s most lively and creative craft beer locations. Although tours are accessible here, – walking around the streets is just as good.

Walk around

Yes, the city has a solid art reputation, but it doesn’t mean all its art is placed in museums and galleries! Instead of watching some masterpieces for hours, as many tourists do, go out, investigate the streets, and communicate with residents! Check out ordered street murals, public art, and rebel graffiti in the sandy East Colfax area. The Art District on Santa Fe exhibits the largest collection of art galleries in Colorado. Come over here to say “hello” to the artists. Go to Denver Botanic Gardens to view dozens of horticultural compilations, from rainforest ones to cactus.
Furthermore, Denver is close to natural hot springs and first-class ski resorts. You just can’t miss it! Don’t worry if you are too young to have your own vehicle, you can always use Denver car rental under 25 services to reach all the destinations. There are also plenty of outdoor activities like off-road motors and whitewater rafting outside the city.

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Don’t go shopping at Cherry Creek

This shopping center is highly overestimated and hyped. Almost everything there you can buy online – huge brands and smaller ones. Instead, experience stretching up the 16-block Street Mall to historic Larimer Square, which is one of the most gorgeous fashion areas in the city. Just a treasure trove for handcrafted goods! Still, if you seek brands like Polo Ralph Lauren or Kate Spade, you may find them nearby the town, just a 10-minute drive out of it. To travel quickly you can always rent a car for young drivers with all amenities.

Check out a Legal Dispensary

Colorado is one of the first states, which has legalized marijuana (but only recreational). Medical marijuana is used to treat a number of conditions including nausea, seizures, and vomiting from chemotherapy, even pain. Rather than drinking too much alcohol or hanging out for hours, you can peacefully enjoy cannabis. Note, you must be 21 and older to buy and store some. The most common part to consume is flowers. But stay alert, not all hotels are 420-friendly. Some variants include NATIV Hotel and Sonesta Denver. Other products like edibles and vape pens are accessible at pharmacies as well.

Don’t be afraid to ski at a stopover

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Despite all the prestigious ski resorts that Colorado gladly offers. But if your budget is limited, there’s nothing extraordinary in hitting the trails and skiing the slopes you suddenly find while driving. You can be surprised by how picturesque panoramas around striking sandstone formations are, and how fun it can be! By the way, you can always get an under 25 car rental, if it’s needed. Walk 200 meters to the nearest ski lift, after getting off the train on a heated platform, and just go! Winter Park Resort is open if you don’t change your plans. 

Watch Coors Field plays

If you are into sports, — welcome! It’s a 75-acre field, where you can not only catch a baseball game but witness majestic Rocky Mountains scenes. Search for a purple seat row marking the elevation, for what the Mile High City is called. Be aware that pressure and density at Coors Field are about 20% less than a park at sea level. So you may feel a bit out of breath. Try the traditional Rocky Mountain oysters (caution, they have a specific taste). On the turf, you still can find breweries and taste the beer while enjoying the matches.

We hope our tips were useful, and now you have an idea of what to do, and what is not worth your attention. Stay healthy and adventurous! 

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