Top 6 Services Offered at Phone Repair Shops in Florida

No one can think of life nowadays without smartphones, as people depend on them for various everyday tasks. Now, imagine that your phone stops working due to some damage; what will you do? Don’t panic! Take it to a phone repair shop, and they will diagnose the cause and fix your smartphones as quickly as possible.

Here are some of the services that every professional shop is equipped with at all times:

Screen Repair at Phone Repair Shop

Did you know 5,761 Americans break their phone screens per hour? Shocking, right? That makes it 2 broken screens per second. Based on these statistics, there is a chance that a shop can expect 12-14 customers in a day with this issue. Therefore, all the phone shops have essential repair services. They have repair and replacement parts in stock to do regular checkups for customers. 

Charging Port Repair or Battery Replacement

Most smartphone users are careless when it comes to charging their phones. They plug and unplug in the wrong manner, resulting in dead devices that won’t charge anymore. If that’s what you are facing right now, visit a cellphone repair shop for charging port repair. 

Similarly, battery replacement is also connected with poor charging habits. If repairing the charging port doesn’t bring the device back to life, it is probably the case of a worn-out battery.  This is the reason when you go in for the port repair; the technicians will check the battery for replacement as well.

Speaker Repair at Computer and Phone Repair Shops

Speaker damage is one of the most common issues that mobile users face. There are many reasons that this can happen, as the phone speakers are pretty sensitive. 

Mostly, we see it happening because the users are listening to music all day and every day. But, don’t worry! Visiting a repair shop like Techy Company can help you fix the problem.

Camera Repair

All the phone users can agree that it is among the most nerve-wracking problems after charging issues. You can probably move around with a broken screen but cannot imagine going about knowing your phone cannot capture high-quality pictures. So, for all users who love to click images, take it to the repair shop to get it fixed if you face such a problem.

Water Repair Damage

Water damage is an unlucky and unfortunate incident that smartphone users have to face. It doesn’t happen commonly, but when it does, it takes everything down with it. Though there are many to-do-yourself solutions for this problem, we recommend you take it to professionals who have complete toolboxes to fix the problem.

Diagnostic Services

You often feel the smartphone isn’t working as it is supposed to but don’t know what’s making them act this way. At this point, you’ll need to go to a phone repair shop to help you figure out the real problem and get rid of it.

These are some of the standard services offered at phone repair shops. However, there are numerous others, including software fixes, data recovery, and hardware problems, that they can help solve. So, if you face issues with a smartphone, take it to a professional rather than fixing it yourself, as you don’t know what’s the actual reason causing the problem.

Let us determine what is wrong with your device before you commit to a repair. At any Techy location, take advantage of a free diagnostic service to find the cause of your problem and appropriate solutions. Cell phone screen repairs are one of the most common services performed by Techy. The screen of any smartphone is one of its most delicate pieces. Even just a quick drop to the floor from a few feet above can leave a screen cracked or shattered.

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