Android Phones Will Have These Seven Great Features

There are multiple operating systems for the mobile phones with each having its own advantage and drawback. However, out of all these, one operating system that towers over any other system is Android. It’s mind boggling to learn that Android runs more than 3 billion smartphones around the world. Therefore, even a minor alteration in the Operating System will possibly affect a large number of mobile phone users.

Android makes a huge difference to smartphones because it delivers updates in unique ways. There are many users who may not subscribe to this fact. However, irrespective of what people think, every time a new update comes from Android, users wait anxiously. Actually, a fresh update from a brand as iconic as android brings a lot of excitement and anticipation among users.

Before the launch of Android 12, Google has announced a major update for its Android OS, which is going to include many new features. It will give you an idea about what features will be available in the phone.

Now Google has adopted the latest operating system called Android 12 for all its devices. Google has already revealed about an important update even before launching its latest version of Android 12. It will have many new features like using your smartphone also as a remote control for your television, operating phone through facial expressions, etc. It will also allow photos and videos passcode-protected. Let’s take a detailed look at these Android features.

Camera Switch | Android Phone

Google has come up with this innovative feature known as Camera Switch as a part of Accessibility Suite. By taking help through this feature, front camera can be converted into a Switch by users who can use their facial expressions to operate mobile phones. This is achieved through company’s Project Activate app.

This is an extraordinary feature from Google through which users can take help from their facial expressions and eye movements to control actions by using a word such as “Stop”, or ” Start” or playing a voice clip that depicts a laugh or sending a message like “Please do it.” It will definitely take users experience to a new level.

Android tv feature | Android Phone

Another feature that will be soon available to Android smartphones will be empowering users to control their TV using their Android phone. As per report from Google, it has added remote-control functions to its Android phones, allowing users to switch on their TVs. You can also navigate through different channels and even start your favorite shows by using your phone.

Through this feature, users can set comparatively hard to crack passwords, preferred movies or search queries using the phone’s keyboard. In the beginning, all these features will be on a trial basis in more than a dozen countries. Later on, it will be made available in the rest of the countries. Once, this feature is enabled on your phone, you won’t have to look for your tv remote control. So, even if you misplace your remote control, you know your phone is there to help you. The purpose of such a technology is to make everyday things around us simpler and convenient. And that is only possible when a single gadget serves multiple functions.

Managing Routine Tasks Through Assistant’s Reminders

The Smart Reminders features will be soon available for Android smartphone users. This feature will allow users to take care of all their reminders on a single platform. They can simply ask Google to open their reminders so that they can go through all important suggestions about reminders.

And if they wish, it can also be activated through a simple command. This will be so convenient with Google working as our virtual assistant. Finally, when people begin using this phone, they will start getting notifications from Google on each of their device, irrespective of whether they are at home or outside.

Android auto

This particular feature known as Android Auto will allow users to enjoy their favourite music, listen to news from around the world. They can also participate in a podcast after receiving a personalized recommendations through Google Assistant. By using this feature, users will also be able to play games from GameSnacks. This sounds incredible because Google will not help you in your work through features like Google search and Google map, it will also help you to relax.

Android Auto by using things such as work profile will keep commuters in the loop about their important meetings and messages. There was this blog posted in Google that made it clear that if you have an Android phone with double SIMs, you can choose which SIM card to use for making calls through Android Auto.

Make your photos and videos passcode-protected | Android Phone

Another interesting feature that Google is all set to launch is a kind of locked folders as a part of Google Photos for Android users. This function was earlier available only on Google’s Pixel smartphones. By using this innovative feature, users can safely place their private photographs and video clips into a folder protected by password. These photos and videos cannot be accessible unless someone uses the password.

So, even if someone gets hold of your phone and starts scrolling through your file, he will never get a chance to look at your personal photographs. This has always been a sensitive issue for smartphone users. Now, even if you leave your phone somewhere, you know that no one can access your private photographs. It was one feature, people were expecting for quite some time. In fact, a similar feature is available on Connect app, a versatile made in India social media platform.

New emojis will be available on Gboard

According to Google, it will soon introduce more than 1,500 innovative stickers to the Emoji Kitchen on Gboard. This will allow users to make their posts more attractive and pleasing because there are so many expressions for which there is no appropriate emoji available.

Control who can share with you

Google has also improved the visibility settings within the Share feature. This feature will enable users to control who can search their device and send files. Users can select options like for Everyone, Your Contact and No One.

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