What Are the Signs of Faulty AC Installation?

Air conditioners these days are one of the essential items that help in making the life of a family comfortable and relaxed. When any homeowner invests in any brand of air conditioner, they expect it will last for years, and the reason is it is an expensive affair in which you have to invest your hard-earned money. 

However, after buying or replacing the AC the next step is to install it and how it is installed entirely affects the performance and its working efficiency. But, there are many contractors who cut down the corners, which results in faulty performance. In that case, you have to again call the best AC installation Garden Grove to repair it, which will be a costly affair. 

So, when you are calling any of the contractors to install your AC, ensure that they have enough experience and have taken proper training. On top of that, don’t ever call an unprofessional technician to install your AC as they don’t know how some parts need to be fixed in its place. Apart from that, after the installation, make sure to take care of a few things so that it will not end up costing you more on repair than initial.

Now the question is, what are the signs of faulty AC installation which you need to take care of while installation?

So, let’s discuss those signs: –

  • Weak airflow

After the installation, if your home doesn’t seem cool, then there are chances that you are not getting enough airflow from the AC system. However, to confirm it, set the thermostat below your house temperature, and after that, place your hand in front of the vent. 

If you are noticing airflow is weak, there are various reasons for it like, air filter clogged which can be replaced easily. Apart from that, another cause of weak airflow is leaking ductwork or broken motors. On top of that, there can be the reason for the poor installation of AC which needs professional top AC installation in Garden Grove. 

  • Water leaks

Water leaks are another sign which can occur due to poor installation frequently. Condensation is the natural process in the AC unit when it operates, and when the water drips and gets accumulated, it needs space to go somewhere. However, when the air conditioner is working correctly, this problem doesn’t occur or cause water to pool. 

But if the AC condenser pans are not level, it results in water leaks. So, if you are noticing water around the indoor handle or on the outdoor unit, it is a sign of poor installation. In that case, contacting or calling the best AC installation, Garden Grove, will be a wise choice. 

  • Offering too much humidity

The primary function of an air conditioner is to cool the hot air and remove moisture from the house. But if you notice that the indoor air of your home is as humid as the outside air, then it is a matter of concern. However, one of the causes of this problem is the air conditioner which is installed in your home is too big for your home. 

Due to the large AC, it is not effective in removing humidity from the house. Apart from that, if the AC is cooling the home too quickly, then its cycle won’t be long enough to lower the humidity level of the house. So, in that case, calling a professional is the best idea as they will first check and calculate the size of a unit and see whether it is appropriate according to your home or not. 

  • Electrical issues

When your home air conditioner is working, and you are smelling something burning, and it seems electrical in nature, you must call the best AC installation Garden Grove professional as soon as possible. This problem can happen due to improper installation, which can be dangerous and need attention immediately. However, the expert will diagnose the issues and offer repair to the AC so that everyone will remain safe and secure.

  • Warm air is coming via vents.

The primary function of an air conditioner is to deliver cool air during the summer season. But if it is doing the opposite, your AC is not installed correctly. But before that, you can try one solution, which is to drop the thermostat below the current temperature and make sure to set it on cooling mode. 

If the air is still warmer, it could be due to restricted airflow or a malfunctioning condenser. It is best to call the best AC installation Garden Grove professional for the repair here. 

  • Poor performance

If you notice that your air conditioner is not working per your expectations, then faulty installation can be the factor. That means a faulty connection to ductwork can be one reason. Apart from that, improper sizing or load calculation or failure can also be a common issue. 

On top of that, if the AC is emitting strange noise, hissing, or humming sounds that it is also the result of poor installation. Further, it is also a sign of internal damage to the unit.

Moreover, if the performance is poor, the AC will take more time to cool the home. 

So, when the installation gets completed, ask the technician to go for a test, which will help you know about its performance. 

The bottom line

The installation part of the AC is an essential aspect which can cost you high if not installed correctly. Apart from that, it is the installation that tells the AC’s life. So, if you are noticing any of the above issues just after installation, it is wise to call the best AC installation Garden Grove for the repair.

The reason to call professionals is they are highly experienced, skilled, and experienced enough to handle the issues smartly. But don’t ignore the issue as it can damage the problem further.

 I hope through this post, you will come to know about AC installation issues!

Author Bio:- Robert Wong

Robot is a marketing manager at EZ Eletric. He has an interest in writing articles related to HVAC installation, maintenance, and repairs. The HVAC system has made our life convenient regardless of the climatic changes. Read Robot’s articles to know step-by-step installation guide for ceiling fan, smoke detector, lighting and electrical appliances in California as well as how to repair them in case of malfunctioning or breakdown.

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