Where is area code 844 located?

Does this article include interesting facts and history of 844? What is area code 844 in the United States? And why do we talk about it so much? All your concerns related to this area code will be clear.

What is area code and how does it work?

At first, area codes were only used for numbers. Subsequently, they became a means of identification in many countries. In some cases, area codes are now used as Internet Protocol addresses or telephone numbers. Area code is a phone number service used to identify a specific area within a country. Also called local phone number, landline number or mobile phone number.

The most common reason to use an area code in this context is to get the correct phone number when calling from another country to another party. An example area code is 037. 037 would be used in Europe and North America, while an example area code in India would be 011.

What is the US area code 844?

Area code 844 is a calling area in North America. Covers parts of the west and north states of the US and ON, Canada. With this code, clients can call businesses for free. This is not a geographic code, but a toll-free number code that allows customers to call businesses for free.

Why do we care about area codes?

The area code is specific to any city or state. It can be annoying for anyone to receive phone calls from unknown numbers that have unusual area codes. We’ve all been there. Whether to choose this call or ignore it is a significant confusion. Therefore, complete details of area code 844 are provided here.

Of all the other area codes, 844 is paramount. Some people consider it a scam, fake code or code belonging to criminals. Some have a favorable verdict on this. At the same time, some don’t care. Here we will tell you how to deal with this code, how much you should make a phone call from this 3-letter prefix, etc.

Where is the location of area code 844?

A typical area code is assigned to a geographic location. In the United States, the geographic location is usually referred to as a city. So when someone needs to reach an 844 area code location, it could be “844” or “844-555-0123”, as appropriate. Area code 844 is also known as “number to call” or “number to look up”.

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Difference between toll-free numbers and 844

A green number is a free phone number for the caller. The caller cannot charge for a free call. Toll-free numbers were first introduced by the US Federal Communications Commission in 1984 and have since spread around the world.

While 844 has been around since 1984, other similar 0800/0800 numbers such as 0844, 0884 and 0844 are not free, but are premium codes that can be used like any other premium direct dial number.

Where does area code 844 come from?

Area code 844 in the United States is one of the most common area codes. It was originally given to Oklahoma, but has been extended to parts of Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, and Texas. Area code 844 is obtained from 844-TEN (844 Telephone Exchange). The first digit represents the telephone exchange (8) and the second the area code (4).

Are calls from 844 an area code scam or not?

This is a question often asked by people looking for help or advice on scams. Customer support teams use 844 numbers to communicate with the masses in large organizations. Too often, however, scammers use them to impersonate an organization or trick the person on the other end of the line. These calls are usually from India and the caller claims to be from IRS, FBI, customer service team or some other government agency. They would say they are looking at your tax return or a crime you have committed and they need your personal information.

They will threaten to arrest you if you don’t call back right away and ask you to pay with a gift card, iTunes card, Western Union transfer or prepaid debit card. The caller will sometimes try to convince his victims that the number he called is legitimate by explaining how he got it after finding his number through an online search engine.

Can we text or call 844?

The 844 area code is an international standard for mobile numbers, which includes service areas in several countries. It is used in the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico, among other countries. Area code 844 includes China, the United Kingdom, and France in its vicinity.

Sending text messages to 844 numbers usually requires a texting app or a web app. In the United States, text messages sent to an 844 number are charged at a rate of 10 cents per text message, with no additional charges for anything else, such as picture or video attachments or media content, such as audio or video files. attached to your message. . This is how the 844 USA area code works.

How do I block unwanted calls to 844?

There are many ways to block unwanted phone calls to 844, but the most effective way is to use a call blocking service. These services work on your PC and phone to block these calls before they reach you. One of the easiest ways to get rid of unwanted 844 calls for good is to block a number from receiving your calls. You can contact your telephone service provider and ask them to add this contact number to your forbidden list, do not disturb list or block list.

Regardless of the methods you choose, it is essential to note that there are restrictions for blocking specific calls, such as:

  • You cannot block your number or that of your employees or family members.
  • You cannot block an emergency call.
  • You cannot block calls from people with the same area code but different prefixes.

How do I get an 844 number?

There are several ways to get an 844 area code. One of the best ways is to use a VoIP service like Google Voice or Vonage. You can also port your number to another carrier or ask your mobile carrier for a phone number with an 844 area code. You can also buy a new phone locally or online and have it shipped with the requested area code.

Tax Free Area Codes

Area code 844 is one of the toll-free numbers added to phone numbers when they are issued. This way, these numbers can be used without paying any charges to call them. However, there are other long-standing free area codes: 800, 833, 855, 866, and 877. There are eight different free area codes in all, and they can be found in every US state except ‘Hawaii and Alaska. .

Interesting facts about area code 844

And here are some facts about area codes:

  • The first area code 844 (United States) was assigned to a city in Ohio, United States. It was first used in 1958.
  • Area code 844 is currently assigned to approximately 2,948 telephone numbers in three Tennessee counties: Bradley County, Knox County, and Rutherford County.
  • There are 415 phone numbers assigned to this number ranging from 843 to 849
  • The last area code 844 was assigned to a city in South Dakota. It was last used in 1993.
  • 12,217 areas were assigned the first 844 area codes, of which only 6,812 remain (2015).
  • In the same year, a division of AT&T Corporation’s North American Numbering Plan (NANP) issued a new number for 850 (see above). And since then numbers have been assigned from 855 or 800


Legacy, as well as scammers, are everywhere. The most important part is that we must never share our personal information with anyone on any platform. Whether it’s through a legitimate phone call or through social media, we’re not supposed to trust any code. Some of them would certainly be legal, like the 844 area code, but the managers of any company never ask you for your credentials like passwords, PINs, and other information. Therefore, we must be careful when a call with such a code reaches our cell phones. If the caller is apparently a scammer asking for your private information such as bank account details etc., please contact cyber security immediately and report it.

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