7 Best Tips To Upgrade The Performance Of Your Mac

The performance of a new system is unmatched as with time the laptop follows a declining graph in performance. It has been observed that some users face issues in the first few years while some see a sharp decline after several years of regular usage. The reason behind the fast decline in performance is the usage and maintenance of the laptop. It is always advised to use the laptop with utmost care and love.

To do so you need to follow certain tips as cleaning the laptop from outside isn’t enough? Here in this article, we are going to share some of the tips that can help you in improving the performance of your Mac. Before we start the list, we would like to share that the tips mentioned below are basic tips that can help in solving basic speed issues. If you are facing any hardware or major software crashes/ issues then you need to consult a technician for it. After this disclaimer, let’s start with a list of tips to improve performance.

Top 10 Tips to Improve Performance on Mac

Below are some of the best tips that you can adopt for improving performance on your Mac.

1. Clean up

Cleaning the PC is very important as the storage has an indirect relation to speed. It is always recommended to keep your PC clean and storage space empty. You can clean your system either with a manual method or with an automatic method. We personally would recommend you to use the automatic method as it is very easy and less time-consuming. While if you wish to go with the manual method, be prepared to invest time as you would have to manually check for files that need to be removed.

In the automatic method, you can simply scan for files like junk, duplicates, temp, and unused files. Once the scan is complete you can simply select the files which you want to keep and which you wish to delete. That’s it, now your PC will have a lot of empty space and you can observe improved performance. While you search on google for the best Mac cleaner app, look for software that has positive reviews and handy features to make your work easier.

2. Disable Resource Taking Processes

Disabling is the best option when you are struggling to get the best performance from your PC. It has been observed that users try and use multiple applications together to get better results, but in the real world, it gets backfired. When you try to use applications that can take many resources you will observe that the speed and the performance of the PC will decline.

This is why the experts recommend using only the required application or keep only the most important application open. Now that you wish to do it, we have mentioned the steps that you can follow to disable applications to boost performance.

  1. Open ‘Finder’ and then navigate to the ‘Applications’ section
  2. Now click on the ‘Utility option and then ‘Activity Monitor’
  3. Go to the CPU tab and then click on the high CPU usage
  4. In the next window, you will witness a list of applications that are using CPU resources. Simply click on the app and then select the ‘Quit’ option

Now that you have disabled the background application your PC can focus on the task which you are performing. You will observe that the performance has started to boost and the heat level has started to decline.

3. Manage Login Items

Similar to the background applications, Login or the Startup items are resource-consuming. These applications start with the PC and stay on stand-by so that whenever you click to open it, they will just pop up without letting you wait. This is great for all the apps that you use on a regular basis but there are some applications that you use once in a while. So in such cases, you can simply turn these applications off.

To help you with the process of turning them off, we have listed the steps below. Follow the steps as mentioned for managing all login items easily.

  1. From the menu bar click on the Apple menu
  2. Now click on ‘System Preferences’ and open ‘Users and Groups’
  3. Next click on the ‘Login items’ tab
  4. From the displayed list you can remove the applications which you don’t want to keep

This is how you can simply remove the login items. Other than this you can even use the automatic software as some software comes with an inbuilt option for managing login items. Similar to the manual method you can remove items using the app. Whichever method you like you can go with it as both methods perform similarly.

Once you have removed the application reboot the PC and then see how the performance of the Mac is. Hopefully, the performance will boost up as the resources are not in use anymore.

4. Software Update

For ensuring the proper functionality of the Mac you need to keep the software up to date. The reason why companies keep on providing software updates is that there might be some bugs or glitches that can affect the processing of the PC. So it is always recommended to keep the software updated to the latest version.

Updating software is very easy, you can manually check for the update, and if there is any latest update available you can proceed with updating. For ease, we have shared the steps to follow. Check below to know more.

  1. Visit the Apple menu and select ‘System Preferences’
  2. Now if there is any update available you can simply update it and then select the ‘Restart Now’ option
  3. For the future you can simply check the ‘Automatically keep my Mac up to date’ option

Using the latest version will get you better speed and just after updating software you can observe that the performance got better on the Mac.

5. Reduce Visual Effects

Visual Effect can also help you in freeing up CPU resources, which can help you in observing and improving performance. Most of the users don’t know how they can manage it, but unlike them, we are going to help you with the required knowledge of how to adjust visual effects. Below are the steps that you can follow to manage the resources for improving performance. We have mentioned resource usage steps and transparency disabling steps separately. You can jump onto the steps that you wish to follow.

Reduce Resource Usage

  1. Go to system preferences
  2. Open Dock
  3. Now untick the Animate opening applications and Automatically hide and show the dock

Disable Transparency

  1. Navigate to Systems Preferences
  2. Now click on Accessibility
  3. Open the Display tab
  4. From the list of options select the box to reduce transparency

After you have reduced transparency and resource usage, your CPU will have some idle resources that can be used for the app that you are using for work. You will observe that the performance is improving and you can work without lag.

6. Uninstall Extensions and Apps

As stated above the storage space affects the performance of the PC. Other than just considering files, in order to clean the PC, you have to remove the unused application and extensions. The application you might have installed when needed but now if you are not using it you can remove it and make space. Similar to that the extensions on the web browser make it easy for you to block ads, add new websites, and many other similar stuff. But if you don’t use the extensions regularly then there is no point in keeping them.

To remove the extensions you can simply go through the list and remove them one by one. To make it easier for you we have shared the steps to follow for deleting unused extensions. The below steps are listed for the Safari browser, if you are using any other browser you can take an idea from the steps and follow it for your browser as well.

  1. Open Safari and then click on the menu
  2. From the menu select Preferences
  3. Click on the Extensions tab
  4. On the list, click on the extension which you wish to remove and then click on the Uninstall option
  5. Confirm your action to uninstall

Once you have removed it, the system resources will be free and you can observe that the speed of the PC has improved.

7. Organize Desktop

All the applications that you install have their shortcut on the desktop. The clutter on the desktop can also affect the performance. It is always advised to keep your desktop clean and organized. This is one of the easiest steps which every user might know. You can simply click on the icon and then remove it. Don’t worry while performing this as the icon is for the shortcut, the app can be easily opened from the originally stored location. Try this step, hopefully, it will help in improving the performance.

Final Verdict on the Tips to Upgrade the Performance

All the Mac users who are facing a slow speed issue can now easily resolve it and enjoy uninterrupted working on their Mac. These above-mentioned tips are easy to follow and effective. You can try using the easiest steps first as you never know which problem is making your PC slow. We hope that after using the tips your issue will be resolved. If you still have any queries or suggestions, please drop them in the comments section below. Considering your feedback we will try to improve our next articles.

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