Important tips to know before one step into data scientist career path

Many people think that learning data science is very scary, especially for those who are just beginning their career a fresh. Career in data science has been booming in the current tech industry. People who want to pursue a data science career will need proper tips before they take up a career in data science. To help an individual understand better and ease the process, this article will offer better guidance about the essential tips that one should require before beginning one’s data scientist career path.

This information will be very helpful especially for those who are willing to join data science certification.

Opportunities in Data Science

Data Science is considered one of the enticing career opportunities. According to a survey, it is currently a $38 billion market and is believed to reach $140 billion in the year 2025. The experience and exposure in the data scientist career path surely help the beginners to build better skills in solving business problems. Globally, there are plenty of data science career opportunities for data-based roles. If one wishes to dive deeper into data science career, then have a glance at how the data scientist career path functions.

data scientist career path

data scientist career path

A typical data scientist must possess data science skills in mathematics, coding, and research abilities. One must be a curious and continuous learner to begin their career in data science and can follow this career path and grow in the field. Once you have equipped enough knowledge, skills, and experience then one can be an entrepreneur too.

Job profiles in data science

The field of data science career path provides several job opportunities. These are the following popular data science job titles:

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Architect
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Engineer
  • Applications Architect
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Infrastructure Architect
  • Statistician
  • Machine Learning Scientist
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Business Intelligence Developer

Data science skills that are a must-have in my CV for getting a job as a data scientist

One can mention as many data science skills as they want to in their CV. But it is very essential to be very good at those skills that are mentioned in the CV. These insights will help an individual to know them better one-by-one:

·  Prioritize the skills depending on the job role that one is applying

The interviewer will offer a certain kind of criteria before recruiting an individual. It will be a great advantage if one shapes themselves and their CV based on the job role that one have applied for. For example, the job description states that a candidate must have data science skills such as Python and Machine Learning (ML). But one possesses sound knowledge of Python and deep learning. And, one mentions all the details and projects that they have done in Python and deep learning. And miss out on the ML details and projects. This might result in losing the chance on the applied job.  One has to mention that they currently pursuing a data science certification online which will give them enough knowledge on ML.

·  Showcase all the Data Science certifications and projects

Having practical knowledge will always dominate theoretical knowledge. Mentioning clearly about all the data science certifications and projects that one has worked on and the skills that they have obtained will make the interviewer impressed. This will also enhances the chance of getting the desired job opportunity.

· Do mention your GitHub profile

It is has become quite important to have a profile in GitHub for those who want to take up a job in the field of data science. The profile in GitHub will help the interviewer to check the projects that you have worked on. They will also feel more trusted about the skills you possess; it is a quick and easy way to impress the interviewer.

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