Cloud backup apps for Android and IOS and their features

In the case of hard drive crashes, imported files deleted accidentally, or being a victim of a ransomware attack an online cloud backup service is one of the splendid ways to heal you against data loss. Natural disasters like fires, floods, and earthquakes can also become the reason for digital media and documents. Even if you are one of the little ones who industriously execute local backup at systematic recess, if you do not store backup you can still lose all your previous data. Cloud backup has some features.

Mobile friendliness


Storage space

Location-free access

Easy organization with folders and explore functionality

Google Drive:

Scientifically speaking, this is a super simple cloud-centered reservation option that makes you capable to keep your pictures, emails, and other files on their server. Its good application for save and storage our movies clips piv and other useful documents the use of this application is very simple. But experiencing some extra storage is just the inception. It also facilitates the users with office tools from Microsoft Office, including

Docs, word processor of Google

Sheets, Excel version of Google

Slides, PowerPoint

One can easily share their documents and can easily create edits so collaborating with your community was not easy before. There are some more perks with some drawbacks for consideration here as well. One of the most exciting features of this application is its price tag. You can avail of Drive without any cost and you will have 15GB of storage added with your free account. In Google Drive, every file has its personal sharing link and customized ability. Google drive is also adaptable with multiple other files like

View PDFs

Making lesson plans

Edit audio files

Video and picture editing

Electronically sign important documents.

Moreover, it can work offline and automatically save the changes. This is a super strong option for most people and especially those who are looking for office tools.


This is a safe and sound cloud storage solution that allows businesses, professionals, teams, and private respective to handle and manage their files in a cloud-based environment. Reserved files are highly protected and through location, users can easily get access from any kind of smartphone, computer, laptop, and PC. pClod facilitate the user at the start with a free trial and later on charge $4.99 monthly for premium 500 GB, for the premium plus 2 TB it charges $9.99 monthly and for family pCloud charge $500 for once. Features of pCloud are

  • Encryption from client-side
  • File backup
  • File management
  • Collaboration with different projects
  • Data security
  • Media
  • File sharing
  • History of files
  • Synchronization

pCloud is being utilized for file backup and data found in many social media platforms, content management systems.

One drive:

This is the simplest and famous cloud backup app for many years, but the incorporation of this app for business items as part of the Office 365 platform, has really moved its use covering many organizations. Apart from its escalating reputation as secure backup a plethora of businesses is not completely aware of how they can get benefits from this app. one drive is highly integrated full of features with further Microsoft Office products. It has many advantages such as

  • At anytime unlimited file access
  • Multimedia supports
  • Highly integrated with Microsoft items (including 365)
  • Free device storage
  • Contents are shareable with team no matter large or small
  • Customizedable experience
  • Files information are tightly secure and store
  • Supervisory platforms
  • Duplicate files are available at anytime for collaboration

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