Facing Issue With Factory Reset of Netgear router?

Are you facing factory reset issues with your Netgear router? Well, nothing to worry about! You are not the only one in the queue. It is a common problem faced by most users. For troubleshooting, you need to follow a few points. So, stick to reading!

Netgear is a leading manufacturing company of WiFi devices around the world. It has launched a plethora of routers for its users to enjoy hassle-free internet throughout the house. However, due to some glitches in the working pattern, at times you need to factory reset your Netgear router.

Before shedding some light on the steps to factory reset the Netgear router, let us learn what is factory reset and when you should do it.

What is Netgear Factory Reset and When You Should Do It?

A lot of people mistakenly refers reset to as reboot. However, both are different processes. A reboot means turning off your router and then again turning it on. It is a great troubleshooting tip if your Netgear router is behaving weird.

While on the other hand, a factory reset clears all your data from the Netgear router. It includes router login Netgear default credentials and another setting you have made to the device till date.

In the scenarios when your router is acting unusual, factory reset is a tip that can troubleshoot your problem. However, there is no option for recovery after the reset. Therefore, performing a factory reset should be your last option.

Moreover, if you are planning to sell or dispose off your WiFi router, then factory resetting is the best option.

Additionally, whenever you are facing a routerlogin.net glitch, you can use the factory reset method as a troubleshooting tip.

Now let us learn the steps and instructions to factory reset the Netgear router.

Factory Reset Netgear Router

There are two methods through which you can reset the Netgear router. The first one is through web graphic user interface. And the second method is through the Reset button.

Let us first learn about the factory reset method through Web GUI.

Factory Reset Netgear Router via Web GUI

For factory resetting the Netgear router through web graphical user interface, first log in to your device. For that, all you need to do is follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Power up your router by plugging it into the wall socket.
  • Once the LED lights on the router get stable, launch a web browser on your computer.
  • Access the router login page by entering www.routerlogin.net in the address bar.
  • Enter the default credentials and hit Log In.
  • Click the settings option.

  • Follow the on-screen instructions.

  • Click the Yes button to reset.

TIP: You can also use (IP address) if you are facing trouble with the Web address. Remember to type Web/IP address in the address bar instead of the search bar. Otherwise, you will not be able to access the Netgear router login page.

Factory Reset Netgear Router via Reset Button

Following are the instructions that will help you to factory reset your Netgear router:

  • Make sure the LED lights on the router shows the green color.
  • You can access the Reset button at the back of your router. However, the location of the reset button may differ from model to model.
  • Using a pin, press and release the reset button.
  • Your router will reset to its factory settings.

The Bottom Line

Remember, as soon as you factory reset your Netgear router, you need to again set up the device for making it work for you.

Even after carefully following the above-mentioned steps, you are unable to factory reset your Netgear router? In that case, you can have a check at the router manual.

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