NEET 2021 – 8 Essential Exam Strategies

Preparation, studying are vital to achieving success in NEET. However, the tough bit is in knowing how best to manage the preparation period till we get some experience. Hence, we have come up with the topmost essential strategies to be aware of to better perform at NEET 2021.

1. Routine

If there is anything you must first make up your mind towards is introducing discipline and staying consistent. For this, one must devise a routine and follow it religiously. There are various studies that suggest shorter study chunks clubbed with frequent breaks prove to be more effective. This, in combination with jumbling subjects all through the day and introducing a variety, is another point to be noted which proves to be beneficial. Apart from this, set daily/weekly/monthly targets to challenge yourself and achieve them. Makes it easier to track progress given the timeline. 

2. Map what needs to be learned

Chalk and map learnings corresponding to the syllabus. Get creative and colourful with the mind maps. Visualize concepts with different diagrams, charts to learn and revise at a glance. 

3. Formulate important notes 

Frame information and theories summarizing in your own words as per your understanding either in flashcards or notes and maintain NEET books separately. This is a great way to learn, as writing by hand forces the brain to process this information in a detailed manner that aids in loading information into the memory successfully. 

4. Question papers 

Simply put, this is a top strategy that works like magic all the time. Practice answering exam questions as much as you can. Before revising, it is a good practice to glance through the previous years’ papers. Refrain from attempting it, just get the essence of it. Simultaneously go through the syllabus, once done learning, start to attempt the question papers. 

5. Studying in groups 

You can prefer to ditch the boring solo study sessions and opt for studying in groups. Studying with people who have the same goal makes it easier to achieve it with support and guidance. It can keep the other motivated and helps explore topics. 

6. Timely rewards

It is okay to treat yourself; even during preparation, to taste the essence of success. Be it meeting your daily target or performing better at a mock test. You can treat yourself by going to a movie, a good/favourite meal of yours, some shopping etc. make you feel like you earned it. 

7. Concepts to avoid and when

Skip all the topics which are not included in the syllabus. Further, if NEET is just around the corner, refrain from taking up any new or big topic or topics that are challenging. It is now the time to revise and practice from previous years’ question papers and boost your memory. It is also that time when you adapt exam strategies and facts to reinforce wider comprehension. 

8. Go with the easier ones first

When in the exam hall, answer all the easy questions first, as they boost confidence and get you in the groove. Come back to solve the tougher or challenging questions. If you are stuck, move on to the next. Do not waste time. 

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