How important is the conversion of word to pdf and pdf to word?

What is a file format?

It is a standard way of encoding information in computer storage. It expresses the information in terms of how many bits are used for conversion of any information in any type of digital storage.

There are several types of file formats e.g.

  • JPEG – Joint Photographic Experts
  • PNG – Portable Network Graphics
  • GIF – Graphics Interchange Format
  • PDF – Portable Document Format
  • DOC – Word Processing Document
  • XLS –  Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet


What is PDF?

PDF stands for ‘Portable Document Format’. It was developed by ‘Adobe’ in 1993. Its primitive goal was to spectacle documents, text formatting and pictures, autonomous of any application softwarehardware, and operating systems.

Primarily, the format is used when we need to save files that cannot be altered but there’s still a need for sharing and publishing. PDF helps us to secure our files and get them shared effortlessly. Today nearly everyone has a version of Adobe Reader on their computers and phones.

What is DOC?

In computing, DOC is a word processing document. It was developed by ‘Microsoft Corporation. Document files contain text, images and tables. It is used for plain documentation.


PDF’s are open formats for document exchange. They represent documents independent of the application software or operating system. Docs are word processing documents, only accessed by word processing software.
These files contain texts, their formatting, images, graphics and illustrations. They contain plain text, images and table only
Pdf is a secure file format. It can be password protected. Also, .pdf does not allow any type of editing. It holds the exact appearance Docs aren’t secure. They are difficult to password protect. They can be edited by anyone who has Word installed. It can change format if MS word is not available.
It can used to write Legal and business documents, online transfer, e-books etc. Doc files can used to write, edit plain texts, simple images and primarily used for project documentation.


Prominence of Conversion of .doc to .pdf

As we know, .pdf file formats give us more comfort in delivery and printing of files. It is secure and can protected by passwords. PDF file formats are compatible with almost every operating system and application software.

PDF file format is frequently used in universities, in businesses and for legal documentations. Due to its accessibility and convenience, students recognize the importance of converting document files into pdf

Even smart phones support .pdf and have built-in .pdf viewers. PDF files can viewed using the internet explorer. 

When we convert a document to a PDF file, it automatically reduces the size of the file, without forfeiting the quality of the document.

Freeware PDF reader and editor software are available online. 

Significance of Conversion of .pdf to .doc

.Doc files are compatible with any operating system. But, we have to purchase the Microsoft Office Software.

Pirated versions are available but with limited functionality. When there’s a need to edit any document, we convert .pdf into .doc file format as .pdf file formats don’t allow us to make changes to that document that easily.

Why students need to learn the conversion of .pdf into .doc and vice versa

  • Accessibility

Due to the sporadic increase in the technology, the conventional studies are converting into technology-based learning. Students and teachers have to embed technology into their studies. Even in any pandemic situations, the teachers resume classes online. Every minor student should have the access to a document reading and editing software so that they continue learning with ease.

  • Painless editing

PDF file formats give students to download and upload the assigned task without any hustle or anonymity. PDF file formats retain their originality to facilitate the teachers and the students. Freeware .pdf reader and converting software are available online. Students can easily convert the .doc files to .pdf and if they want to edit it, they can easily convert .pdf to .doc file because .doc files can easily be editable. 


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