Roots International Schools – Focus on Social Entrepreneurship, Students Achievement, and Opportunity and Discovery

What makes Roots International Schools different from other private international schools? Roots International Schools is a for-profit independent educational institution in Pakistan that has 35 campuses in 19 cities. The Roots School System was founded in 1988 by Riffat Mushtaq and is now run by Walid Mushtaq. The Roots International Schools focuses on social entrepreneurship, student achievement, and Opportunity and Discovery. Read on to discover why the Roots International Schools is so unique.

Student Achievement

Founded by Walid Mushtaq, the internationally recognized Roots International Schools and colleges is celebrating 34 years of academic excellence. Roots is a model institution, based on the modern educational system, that embraces the three Es – achievement, excellence, and opportunity. The school provides an environment that nurtures social entrepreneurship and encourages children to discover their talents. Students at Roots achieve academic excellence through a personalized educational program geared to each student’s specific needs and interests.

Students at Roots International Academy show the most impressive academic achievements, despite the difficulty of the curriculum. Overall, Roots places in the bottom 50% of all California schools in math and reading proficiency. This is far below the state averages of 51 percent and 40% respectively. But there’s no reason to despair! Roots is a good option for those seeking a private school in Gilgit-Baltistan, because it is focused on international students and the future of global entrepreneurship.

Social Entrepreneurship

This course introduces students to the basics of social entrepreneurship. The course’s objective is to help students understand how to become entrepreneurs while solving community problems. Students learn about green business concepts and methods. Students are given hands-on experience building a social enterprise. Students are exposed to real-life business situations and develop their critical thinking skills. The course includes video profiles of social entrepreneurs and their innovative ideas. Students also participate in activities and exercises to develop their entrepreneurial skills.

Here is a mother in the focus community. Her savings group is composed of twelve to fifteen like-minded women who receive training in financial management and business development. Through this training, the women are able to create a sustainable source of income. The newly elected PTA members of the school also took part in this groundbreaking training. Their participation in the school’s life and success was transformed. Bere’s savings group was the first of its kind in the country.


The Roots International Schools and colleges are a model for private sector educational institution that focuses on the three E’s: Education, Excellence, and Environment. It has been around since 1988, has achieved worldwide recognition for academic excellence, and has expanded its student body to more than 1500 students. This school manages three levels of educational programs and has an exceptional record for graduate employment. Read on to learn more about this institution. Opportunity at Roots International Schools: The Three E’s – Education, Environment, and Employment – are crucial for the success of every student at every level.

Opportunities at Roots International Schools are available in different departments, from Branch Heads to Montessori teachers. They also need master-level professors, and administrative and management positions. For more information, please visit The School offers a competitive salary, and you can also apply online to get notified of job openings and updates. We look forward to seeing you there! And best of all, applying is easy! To find out more about Roots International Schools careers, visit PaperPk today!


A model institution for international education Roots International Schools and colleges is based on the three Es of learning – excellence, opportunity, and discovery. Founded in 1988, the school has become universally acclaimed for its academic excellence. Today, it enrolls over 1500 students. Its mission is to develop the entire human potential in students from infancy to early adolescence, and this mission is achieved by focusing on the three Es: exploration, achievement, and excellence.

The Roots program is a 3-week summer intensive program held at the Eurasia Institute in Germany. The curriculum combines language acquisition with cultural exposure, and students are encouraged to participate in a variety of planned excursions and activities. The school also aims to promote global citizenship, which is vital for global peace. Roots International Schools Discovery has a proven record of academic achievement, and the educational philosophy is based on the needs of both students and their families.

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