How to Choose a best Web Hosting Server – Beginners Guide

Setting up a website is not as easy as it seems. Some people think it’s just a concept, then design a website and choose a domain name and forget that if you want to succeed in your web business, your choice of the web host server is the most important part of your first decision. If you really hope to see your website grow by 99.9% of the time, you should do some research to determine which web hosting company is right for your business.

In the next few sections, we’ll look at the basic details you should look for before you set up a web hosting company to host your site.

Domain name:

A domain name is a sequence of letters and numbers that determine the address of your site. You can get your domain name separated from web hosting or even your web hosting. Many web hosting companies offer a free domain name to all new clients. The next step is to make sure that the server you want to purchase supports the type of website your designer is building.

Websites designed with HTML, ASP or PHP. Also, make sure that when your site is hosted on a website, it supports SQL, or MYSQL. These are the programming languages used in website design and development. A good way to find out is that the hosting company you want to use has these installed softwares to view their hosting features that are most commonly seen on their website. PHP is currently the best and most widely used programming language on the web.

Shared Web Hosting (Virtual) or Dedicated Server Hosting

Shared (or virtual) web hosting is the most effective way to host 99% of websites. It means that a web hosting company will have one or more servers (frequently connected computers using web server software such as Apache or IIS) that will run multiple websites (will be shared). Unless a website is very busy or requires a lot of bandwidth, this is a less expensive way to get a real website.

You can still have your IP address with visible hosting and the site will not look different from users. Some options are dedicated, location-based, or customized web hosting. In those options you have your whole computer and you can do things like install your software. This requires advanced knowledge in server management. The most important thing here is, it’s too expensive. While shared hosting will cost about $ 100 per year, dedicated servers will cost around $ 800 to $ 1000 per year.

So if you are planning a site that will be very busy like yahoo, MySpace, Facebook etc., you will need a dedicated server. Make sure there will be no mandatory advertising on your site.
Some web hosting companies offer you a lot of free stuff, such as domain name, free email etc to get the most out of unwanted and unrelated ads on your site. Some cheat you and you end up finding that you have to pay separately for webmail installation on the server. I’ve had a bad experience with

They sell the domain name for $ 50 and promise you free web hosting. I later found out that I had to pay an additional $ 50 for mysql account and another $ 50 for webmail. The server was virtually empty with disk space and bandwidth. No software installed. If you find yourself in this situation it can be really frustrating, especially if you end up throwing it away.

How Much Disk Space Is Provided?

Space is the number of “items” you can put on your website. Available space is usually listed in megabytes or gigabytes. HTML files are usually smaller (this file is about 25,000 bytes) but images and programs can be much larger. If you want to use a photo website or video streaming website, you will need web hosting that can provide enough disk space and monthly bandwidth. Your texts, emails and statistics will also take up space in your host.

Exceeding the number of “items” visitors to your site can download before you reach your monthly limit.

How do I pay for web hosting?

Some webmasters adopt the same payment method. It is best to choose a web host that accepts at least three or four payment methods. The reason is that, due to so much online fraud, these online retailers are constantly updating their policies and Paypal for example may limit your account as soon as you have to pay a web hosting bill. You must be able to pay in other ways. Payment methods accepted by my recommended web host credit cards companies like Visa and MasterCard and several others. The same amount will be charged to your account every month on the same day.

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