What makes Serverwala the best Cyprus VPS hosting provider?


As much as web hosting is crucial for your website, it’s equally important that you choose the right web hosting provider. A good web hosting provider not only gives the services you need but also helps you find solutions to the problems from time to time. 


It’s important to know that your website needs and requirements change when your business grows and expands and your current web hosting plan may not be able to fulfill the new needs and you may find yourself looking for a new web hosting.  When you search for a web hosting provider it is always beneficial when you are clear about the want and needs of your websites. This makes the selection process easy.


Among the many web hosting kinds, vps hosting has gained a lot of popularity and has become a go-to web hosting choice, and when it comes to vps hosting providers, Serverwala is considered to be the best. In this article, we will see what makes Serverwala the best Cyprus VPS provider.


Meaning of Cyprus VPS Hosting?

Before you look for a Cyprus VPS hosting provider, it is important to know what Cyprus vps means. VPS aka Virtual Private Server is a type of web hosting service where the technology of virtualization divides one server into various virtual servers. You get to have an exclusive virtual server as you don’t have to share your resources such as RAM, CPU, or any sought of data with other users on the same server.


The fact that VPS is a private server gives the following benefits:

-better performance

-more reliability

-better security than shared hosting


What benefits does VPS hosting Cyprus has to offer?

Location is considered to be a critical factor when choosing web hosting services. VPS Cyprus is considered to be a good vps hosting location lets see some of the reasons that support this statement.


Ideal business location

Cyprus has become a popular business location because of its sharing its geographical location with Europe, Asia, and Africa which makes it a popular hub for business in the EMEA region. 


Better speed of internet

Cyprus offers great internet connectivity and continues to improve its telecommunication infrastructure. It is well known how important it is to have a vps hosting provider that offers a high uptime guarantee. 


Location not prone to natural disaster

A location prone to a natural disaster can cause problems such as power outages, unstable connectivity. That is why it is always good to choose a vps hosting provider that is located in an area where the possibility of natural disaster is minimum. Cyprus is one such location where the chances of natural disaster are very less.



Best VPS Cyprus Hosting provider: Serverwala


Serverwala cloud data pvt. Ltd is a well-established web hosting and data center provider. It provides web hosting services such as dedicated, VPS, colocation, and other manage services. They provide you with the best web hosting and data center service at the most affordable prices and a 24/7 client support facility. 


Main features of Serverwala’s Cyprus VPS server

Servewala’s Cyprus vps hosting gives you:

  • -dedicated IP
  • -SSD Disk drives 
  • -full root access
  • -100 MB/S Network
  • -99.9% uptime guarantee
  • -seven days money return guarantee


Serverwala’s Linux and Windows vps Cyprus comes with the following features

  1. They offer DDoS protection as their servers are protected with supremely secured firewalls. The system detects possible threats and attacks so that the data is protected at all costs.
  2. 1 Gbps network speed that gives faster connectivity to the users. 
  3. Provides unlimited bandwidth so that website’s needs are met without any hindrances. Monthly data transfer up to 20 TB available in all the plans.
  4. Their Cyprus vps hosting offers redundant power supply and high-tech network from secured channels so that high uptime is maintained.
  5.  24/7 customer service is available through skype, e-mail, live chat, and customers can directly contact their staff in case of emergency to find quick solutions. 
  6. For e-commerce platforms, Serverwala provides Cyprus RDP vps to ensure better website performance. 


Serverwala’s cheap Cyprus VPS server plans

Linux vps Cyrus plan (1 Month)

serverwala's linux cyprus vps plan


Windows VPS Cyrus plan (1 Month)

serverwala's windows cyprus vps hosting plan



Web hosting from a good web hosting provider can make a difference. You must use the web hosting services of a reliable and secure web hosting provider so that it benefits you in the long run. Serverwala is one such web hosting provider which gives you quality web hosting at reasonable prices. When we talk about web hosting at reasonable prices, VPS Cyprus is a good choice as it provides the benefits of dedicated hosting at a much less cost and security measures much better than shared hosting. It’s perfect for businesses that need privacy, better security without investing lots of money.

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