How To Add An Appointment To The Outlook Calendar Easily

This article describes how to add an appointment to the outlook calendar. Using the following approach, we may schedule a large number of appointments. First of all, we must establish a table with similar field names.

When it comes to email management and appointment scheduling, Outlook has a lot to offer. Assume you need to add an email to a calendar appointment. This function allows you to create a reminder in the calendar event for future use. It becomes frustrating for people if they face the outlook calendar not showing appointments issue.

Appointments and reminders abound in professional emails. Some clients want to meet with you, and you may need to organize appointments with them. Your emails may include information on your trip, meetings, or even personal happenings. It is advantageous to be able to transfer the contents of your email to your appointment calendar. As a result, even if you are not at your desk, your calendar will remind you of the event. They send you an email or a smartphone notice. You will never miss an appointment again with this Outlook function.

Here are some of the highlight

  1. Connect and sync your Outlook or Office 365 calendar with Appointment Thing to prevent scheduling conflicts and automatically add appointments to your calendar.
  2. Appointment hours are automatically offered to your attendees depending on your availability and some basic restrictions that you may define.
  3. Automatically add a Zoom Meeting, Google Meet, or go to Webinar link to all calendar meeting information – easy, secure interfaces that make attending virtual meetings a snap.
  4. Send appointment reminders to your attendees automatically so that everyone arrives on time.

Steps to Add an Appointment to the Outlook Calendar

This function is consistent across all recent versions of Microsoft Outlook, including 2010, 2013, and 2016. Follow these steps to add an appointment to the outlook calendar:

Step 1: Launch your Outlook calendar.

Step 2: In Calendar view, from the Home tab, navigate to the new group and then Appointment.

Step 2: In the Subject area, type the subject of the appointment.

NOTE: Create your Appointment kinds:-

Determine if you want to provide only one form of appointment (e.g., a 15-minute office hours slot, a 30-minute sales call, or a 1-hour consulting call) or many appointment types from which your clients may pick (e.g. a 15-minute, 30-minute or 1-hour appointments can be provided according to your preference). You may also select your regular working hours or other times when you are available to give appointments.

Step 3: In the Location area, enter the location of the appointment after clicking on the tab.

Step 4: Set a start time by using the day and time drop-down arrows.

Step 5: Use the End time day and time drop-down arrows to set an end time.

Step 6: On the appointment tab of the Ribbon, under the Actions group, click Save & Close.

Step 7: The appointment has now been added to your Calendar.

Your appointment scheduling process is completed now, and now you can simply begin arranging appointments independently!


This function is handy for both professional and personal accounts. Outlook allows you to convert your email into a calendar appointment so that you don’t miss your children’s school or dental appointments. The Calendar alerts you of your appointment by email or smartphone notification. There is no need to create a separate calendar event for appointments. When you face the “outlook appointment not showing in calendar” problem just try to add appointments to your calendar again by using the above-given steps.  I hope this will help for when your outlook appointment not showing in calendar

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