Why Your Investment Is Valuable In Gojek Clone Philippines?

The Powerful Gojek Clone App is your Ideal Resort when it comes to making a Worthy Investment for your Online Service Business. This Multi-Services App lets you impart 70+ On-Demand Services with its Latest Version – KINGX 2022 bestowing Forward-Looking Aspects. And what could be better than its Commission-Based and Subscription-Based Business Models that are meant to Churn Sky-High Returns!

Here are the 3 Major Reasons as to why one must invest in Gojek Clone Philippines, this New Year –


For the Riders in Town:

Traffic bothering you? Why be upset, when you have the facility of booking an Online Taxi with this Master App. You can also have an Instant Moto Ride, or even get a Car and Two-Wheeler on Rent.

For the Busy Users:

Running busy to even cook food for self? No worries, when you have the privilege of Food Delivery. With this Productive App, you can avail Doorstep Delivery of Groceries, Stationeries, Medicines, and even Wine. What else do you need!

For the Last-Minute Rushers:

Forgot to keep your Presentation File? Or Require to urgently purchase Notebooks? Delivery Runner and Delivery Genie are to your aid! Get these tiny-miny chores done by them, and stay at your ease all day long.

For Everyone & Everything:

This Super App is your answer to anything and everything that can be thought of! From Detailed Car Interior Washing to Party Makeup, and Dog Grooming to Repair Services, this Multi-Tasker App provides you all.


Stay in sync with the Market Needs and Demands with the Latest Version of the Gojek Clone App – KINGX 2022. Here are the two Major Advanced Features that this fresh App Edition provides:

Service Bidding:

Looking for Handyman Services like that of Carpenters, Home Painters, Plumbers, and Electricians? Well, then you have the Advantage of receiving Bids for these Services, from which you can select the Best Package that is well-within your Budget. Just post your Requirements like Preferred Date &Time, Service Location, and Budget to start receiving Bid Offers.

Online Video Consultation:

This Feature allows Users to have Instant Online Video Consultation Sessions with Field-Experts such as Lawyers, Doctors, Tutors and Fitness Trainers. It also provides the amenity of connecting through In-App Audio Calls and Chats before the live interaction with the Specialist via Video Calls.


Get on the top of the Market Ladder by adopting any one of these two Business Models, that have their own Merits of remitting you Unparalleled Profits –


This Business Model requires the Service Provider to pay a Commission to the App Owner for each Service Rendered or Order Placed via the App. But, what’s the Commission? Well, it is a certain rate of the Revenue Earned per Order that’s decided by the App Owner. The Service Provider is legally bound to pay such a percentage of Earnings per Order to the App Owner.


Subscription-Based Model is where the Service Provider makes a One-Time Payment to the App Owner for buying a Subscription Plan that fits one’ Budget. Henceforth, the Service Provider can kiss Goodbye to paying Commissions for every single Order placed through the App. It is the App Owner that formulates Subscription Plans with Validity Periods and all come with a certain Expiry Date. The Service Provider needs to choose from any one of these Plans – Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly and Annually. And when the Subscription Plan expires the Service Provider won’t be able to receive any Service Requests. The App Owner can start sending In-App Push Notifications reminding them about the Plan Renewal. This gives the Service Provider the time to think whether or not to Upgrade the existing Subscription Plan.

This App has the Key to grab App Users’ Attention by providing them with all they want including Highly Demanded Services, and Convenience-Deriving Features. And you, as an Entrepreneur, get something additional in the form of two different Profit-Making Models to choose from!


Don’t miss the opportunity that the Global Market is funding you with! Launch the Custom Gojek Clone App and witness your investment give you fruitful results in the form of Huge and Loyal Customer base. Do you want to earn easy and quick money? Do you want to be the first Millionaire of your family?  Then, move it fast! Get in touch with one of the Legit Licensed White-Labelling Firms of Global Repute!!

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