App like Gojek have redefined the core structure of the on-demand service industry by providing diverse services of every genre in abundance – all through one single login. The features of this app are solution-oriented and are extremely intuitive in nature. And that’s what makes it worthy of an investment. Laymen buy Gold to secure their future, smart-witted entrepreneurs like you buy this Gojek Clone App to secure their multi-service on-demand service.

Let us graze through some of the following top-notch features of this app that will transform your all-in-one Services App overnight.

A search bar to facilitate faster service/item identification

Users live through the nightmare of browsing through the entire 70 plus on-demand service list on the app to finally locate the service of their need. Users find it both time-consuming and frustrating. This is when a separate search engine icon was curated. And incorporated into the app design that allows the Users to easily locate the service by punching in the keywords. If your customer will simply type the Item Name or the Service. The app will do the browsing for them and give the results before the first flutter of the butterfly.

Leave a voice instruction audio clip for your Delivery Driver

Customers use audio clips to give clear instructions to the Delivery Drivers about which route to come from. These Voice instructions are easier to record and upload. These voice notes help the Delivery Driver understand the route better if a certain street can cut-short their time by 10-minutes or where to park the vehicle once the Driver has reached the location. These clips can run parallel with the navigation page hence the Driver doesn’t have to toggle between Google Maps and the App with the voice note.

This feature comes in handy when the customer has placed an online prepaid order. And is now using this voice note to tell the Delivery Driver where exactly to leave the package. It has proven to be a boon in times of Covid-19 when contactless deliveries are preferred and stressed upon. The App Owner can activate the Voice Instruction option by simply logging into the Admin Panel and enabling this feature under the App Settings tab.

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Designing Location-specific Advertising Banners to target that area’s audience

The App Owner uses this feature to create a buzz about a specific service that’s in higher demand in that area. When a 21-year old lad named Makani of Hawaii opens the Gojek Clone App, a big advertisement banner pops up right in front of him on the screen offering massive-discounts for de-tanning procedures. Hawaiian waters are loved by surfers across continents. And getting sun-burnt is the only flaw surfers find with this fun-sport. But a different advertisement banner will pop up for a 25-year old Aurora of United States’ Alaska. The Banner would offer crazy discounts for availing snow-plowing services through the app. The App Owner has to first create a GeoFence for a specific location and then allocate Banners to it.

One store can register under multiple categories

The App Owner can grant this permission to Store Owners to have their shop registered under multiple categories. For example, Wade Farms of Texas currently sells fresh cow milk to the customers in the countryside through the app. The Farm Owner Wade Davis can now also register his Farm with the App Owner to sell fresh loaf of pork and chicken meat. This will help individual enterprises like Wade Farms to expand its business and earn more profits through the app. While the App Owner is happy reeling in commissions from every order placed or service rendered through App like Gojek.


Gojek Clone Apps has the power to magnanimously transform your multi-service on-demand business. It has recently incorporated health safety-guidelines of World Health Organization into its operations. And has curated a new set of features that reflects extra caution and added a layer of safety for the Users.  

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