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When it comes to making a corporate event a hit, it takes a lot of effort and above all, there are many factors that contribute to it. The most important thing to make it a success is to try to keep yourself in the shoes of a client as they have expectations from you which they want to fulfil. If you want to plan a fantastic event for your clients that is too in their budget the for that you have to be on top of your game so that you can leave a long-lasting impression on your clients so that they can hire you for your next event!  

To reach that level you have to make them expect more and better from you on their next event. For that there you have to become the jack of all trades and give our client best your services by giving attention to all the details.

But here are some tips and tricks that will help you make your event a great success. 

Trust your vendors 

If you want to ace in whatever you are doing as a planner then you have to build a team of vendors that are required to make your event a hit. There are corporate event venues in Delhi that offer all the services under one roof but still, you should have a panel of caterers, coordinators, light and music vendors and so on. There should be a trusted list of such vendors so that they can be there for you for every event.

Be the only point of contact  

While working with the client as well as vendors, you have to manage all the things at once. For that you need to know every communication happening with the team, therefore, we suggest you be the only point of contact. If more than one person is assigned the responsibility of seeing the event through then it may create some confusion. There should be only one clear channel of communication and to avoid miscommunication. This will not only keep you organised but it will also make the process of approval quicker and efficient.

Follow your deadlines or timelines

This is the most important part of the job. Every client will give you a definite day as well as time for the event and if we talk about a corporate event then there will be a proper timeline of all the aspects of the event such as podium presentations, attendee lists, approvals on event graphics and agenda are required latest by.

If you are not able to do those things as per the timeline then it may serve as a red flag for you therefore we would advise you to back up on all the finer details involved within the event. Your event will be hit if you are able to meet those deadlines.

Don’t divulge from the hierarchy

This is just an extension of tip number two where we said that you should be the only point of contact and even on the day of the event you should be the only one who would be dealing with all the instructions. You will have a team under you doing its job as per the instructions given by you. If you give some add on tasks apart from the instruction then it would upset the wagon wheel completely.

Leave it on the experts on the event day

This is basically the compilation of all the tips mentioned above. What we are trying to say is you need to see what the other vendors are doing and only manage them and not interfere in what they are doing! Your brief was enough for them to do what your client is demanding.

We hope this helps!

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