Getting some restaurants ready for dinner in Wapda Town, Lahore

Wapda Lahore city has two subdivisions Wapda 1 and Wapda 2 and 17 different blocks. Visit Giramondo Maps for more details. Lahoris are famous for their love of food and even when non-Lahorians plan to visit, spices and restaurants are always on their mind. So naturally, one wonders how much of Lahore’s in-house food obsession; the growing proportion of housing societies are retaining. Wapda town is one such society in Lahore and we have decided to dissect its restaurants. Here we have listed the top ten places to go and check out in Wapda City. We would like you to share your experiences with us in the comments. Because whether you live in Wapda City or plan to visit for a while, food is at the forefront of any enjoyment equation when in Lahore. Click here to see Desi Restaurants in Lahore.

1. Villa Ronak

Ronaq Villa is a lively multicolored environment away from the commotion of the city in phase 2 of the city of 9-M Wapda, Lahore, Pakistan. The restaurant is painted in a truck or rickshaw theme which gives you an ordinary dhaba experience. They are serving a variety of street food, from main dishes to a variety of sandwiches and barbecue. Its forte is the widest range of filled naans and it is an exclusive Chai station for Chai lovers.

Overall, from malai boti, biryani, spicy qorma, tikkas to desi nashtas and events like qawali nights, this place is a one-of-a-kind dining experience. Its atmosphere is different and the prices are reasonable. You can have malai boti, kebabs, biryani, and fish at Rs.550-700, chicken karahi ranges around Rs.1400, lamb karahi Rs.1800, and a variety of naans from Rs.15 to 300 or so.

2. Al Jalsa Hut

In case you like the taste, then you don’t want to miss the bottom of the feast at Al-Jalsaa Hut. It has a wide gastronomic offer to offer you and has maintained its level until now. It will give you amazing nutrition, a decent feeling, and an ideal frame of mind to enjoy a feast.

Their menu includes pizza in the range of Rs.300-1200 depending on size, burgers priced at Rs.100-300 approx, shawarma, nuggets, chips, roll paratha, sandwiches, chicken bites, hot wings for Rs. 150 -400, and much more. The facilities they provide include dine-in, takeaway, home delivery, outdoor seating provision, and parking and you can also pay by credit card here.

3. Shahi Kitchen

Shahi Cuisine offers a unique dining experience. The team is committed to excellence in service and provides delicious cuisine that meets the highest standards of quality and hygiene. The restaurant features a well-stocked menu of traditional family recipes and contemporary flavors. Go and experience hospitality, impeccable customer service, and extraordinary taste, sure to stay with your taste buds and mind alike! Life tastes better at Shahi Cuisine. Their specialty is Mutton Hareesa 1Kg with lamb kebab and Beep Kebab for Rs.1000 to 1200. Other items on the menu list include Hyderabadi Chicken for Rs.750. Chicken Black Pepper and Chicken Zeera Fry are also part of the menu priced at just Rs.750.

4. Dagwood Sandwich

If you are a comic book lover, this place is for you. Dagwood Sandwich is named after Dagwood Bumstead, a central character in the hilarious cartoon Blondie, who is occasionally depicted as making giant sandwiches. His sandwiches have multiple layers of cheese, vegetables, and meat. Dagwood Lahore serves three types of sandwiches Steak, Cocktail Lover, and Cheese along with chips, salads, and drinks. Prices are extremely reasonable compared to other fast-food chains and range from Rs. 280 to 400 without taxes.


Perfetto pizza Lahore is a fast food restaurant with a good atmosphere and quality of service. They serve pizzas, burgers, wings, hotshots, parathas, and other fast foods. Enjoying fast food listening to music in the background and having a lively conversation with friends and family is revitalizing.

In addition, Pizza Perfetto also offers you many delicious offers on different occasions. The prices are reasonable and the taste is good. Its services include takeout, home delivery, and parking.

Our recommendation

We will rate Ronaq Villa at the top as it is a kaleidoscopic desi environment where you can hang out with family and enjoy delicious food. Next in line is Shahi Cuisine and Al Jalsa Hut for visiting friends and family. Dagwood is best for children and comic book lovers. Pizza Perfetto is amazing to treat your taste buds, especially if you are a pizza lover.

Special Recommendation: Cuckoo’s Nest Restaurant

If you live in or visit Lahore frequently and haven’t visited the cuckoo’s nest yet, then you’re missing out on a big deal. This is an interesting place opposite the Badshahi Mosque with a picturesque historical story.

The climb to the roof via the narrow stairs is truly jaw-dropping. When you finally reach the rooftop, you are greeted by a great perspective of old Lahore (including the old, now obsolete “red light” zone) and one of the most amazing instances of Mughal design, the Badshahi Mosque. The view is particularly great at dusk and after dark when the mosque is illuminated. The sight in the background music will take your imagination to the most serene and satisfying zone. There is a wide variety of amazing neighborhood cuisine to check out. Whatever you eat, you won’t get frustrated. That is a guarantee.

Final note

There’s nothing new in Wapda town that you won’t find in main Lahore, but you won’t miss a thing either. Wapda city complements the true essence of Lahore in every way. Therefore, we suggest our readers visit invest, and live in the city of Wapda to be part of the second largest metropolitan area in the country. Check out Best Breakfast Places in Lahore.

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