How to Choose Bridesmaid Dresses for Your Wedding

As a bride planning your wedding, you have a lot of choices to make. You’re likely making the majority of the decisions for your big day. And one of the biggest decisions you need to make is which wedding dress you will wear.

But almost as importantly, you need to choose what dresses your bridesmaids are going to wear. They need to be gorgeous, but not too gorgeous, lest they distract people from looking at your dress.

And they need to compliment your dress, as well as your wedding venue and the overall theme of your wedding.

So how do you choose what type of dress your bridesmaids should wear? Keep reading below to find out now. 

Consider Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress needs to be chosen first. Then, the bridesmaid’s dresses will be based on your dress.

They should both match in terms of formality. If your dress is elegant and formal, your bridesmaid’s dresses should also be elegant. They should have some degree of detail that resembles yours, just less so that your dress stands out more.

But makes sure there are some clear differences. For example, if your dress is cut really low, you might want to choose dresses for them that rise a bit higher, so that you stand out much more. 

Consider the Venue and Season

The next two important factors to consider are the season or month your wedding is occurring, and the venue itself.

If you’re getting married in the summer, you’ll want dresses that feel summery. You want dresses that match the season. And if you’re getting married in the winter, and there is snow on the ground, you’ll want dresses that keep this in mind as well.

You don’t want bright-colored, tropical sundresses in a cozy wedding during the winter. 

Also, look around at the venue. The venue will dictate much of the theme and style of your venue. If it’s a historic building with lots of character and charm, you might want dresses that are more elegant and formal.

But if you’re getting married on the beach in Florida, with sand between your toes, you’ll want something much more casual, since the beach conveys a feeling of relaxation. When you take your wedding photos on the beach, the dresses that are chosen should match the scenery around them, whether it’s the color, the simplicity of the dress, or the details and decorations. 

Keep the Theme in Mind

Your wedding theme is very important as well. And this ties into the venue that you are choosing. For example, if you’re having a barn wedding then your wedding themes are limited. You aren’t going to host a black-tie wedding in a barn.

But there are some wedding venues that are more neutral and will allow you to choose from a variety of themes, from formal, to ballroom-style, to boho. The dresses you choose for them need to be coherent with the theme of the wedding, the overall dress code, and the vibe that you want to convey.

Also, consider your wedding colors. You likely have a main color and secondary color that captures the essence of your wedding theme. Since your dress is likely going to be white, the bridesmaid’s dresses should match one of your wedding colors. 

Consider a Mismatched Style

Traditionally, bridesmaids’ dresses have always been exactly the same for each girl. This makes your wedding party look coherent.

But recent trends are inviting bridesmaids to all wear different dresses. Still, they need to fit the theme and be the same color. But for many wedding parties these days, girls pick their own dresses based on details, cuts, lengths, and even shades of the same color. 

So some bridesmaids might wear light blue, others dark blue. But they are all blue and this can create a fun, stylistic look for your wedding party. 

Choose Dresses the Easy Way

Choosing bridesmaid dresses for wedding can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. You can always keep things simple and let your bridesmaids pick out their own dresses, as long as they choose a color and style that is similar to yours. 

And don’t be afraid to break a few rules here and there. It’s your wedding and you can do things differently if you want to.

Looking for more fashion tips for your big day? Head to our blog now to keep reading. 

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