Top 5 Hidden Features of Samsung Smartwatches That You Must Know

Whether monitoring your daily exercise or listening to your favorite music during your morning commute, Galaxy wearables provide experiences that make everyday life more enjoyable. But that isn’t all they can do. Samsung Smartwatches and earphones also include capabilities that make your life easier and more convenient.

Samsung, the South Korean manufacturer best known for its Galaxy smartphones, now manufactures bright screen touch watches. In the beginning, Samsung referred to its wearables as “Gear.” Following the announcement of the first Samsung Watches in 2017, Samsung abandoned the Gear moniker, and all subsequent wearables will be known as Galaxy Watches.

Samsung develops both the hardware and software for each Samsung Galaxy Watch model. However, the software problem needs more clarification. The original Galaxy smartwatch (the Galaxy Gear) was powered by Google’s then-Android Wear operating system. Following that device, Samsung abandoned Android Wear in favor of its operating system, Tizen, for its Gear line of wearables and the first Galaxy Watch devices.

Hidden features of Samsung Smartwatches

Smart Lock

Have you ever wished that your smartphone would automatically unlock while carrying it around? With the Smart Lock feature debuted with Android 5 in 2014, you may open your smartphone in circumstances and settings where you feel safe without typing a password or scanning your fingerprint.

When linked to your Galaxy wristwatch or when you have your phone on you, the function allows you to keep your Galaxy smartphone unlocked. You may also select to automatically open your smartphone in a secure area of your choosing, such as your home, to provide you with different methods to swiftly access the apps you need.

Buds Together 

Music sounds better when shared with pals. Buds Together, which was first launched with Galaxy Buds Live, allows you to easily share your favorite tunes with others while enjoying the most excellent sound quality.

To activate the function, just touch on the Music Share button in your phone’s Quick Panel and choose which earphones to share. Once your friend’s smartphone accepts the invitation, you may listen to the same song on two distinct pairs of Galaxy earbuds.

Automatic Switching

Many of us only use one set of earphones with numerous devices. It is typically inconvenient to detach and rejoin the Bluetooth connection while switching instruments. Wouldn’t it be amazing if your earphones could automatically swap when you needed them? The Auto Transition function, which debuted with the Galaxy Buds Pro, easily maintains your Galaxy Buds Pro’s connection when you switch between devices.

Assume you get a call on your Galaxy screen touch watches while viewing a movie on your Galaxy tablet. Instead of needing to manually detach your earphones from the tablet and pair them with your phone, the function will switch the Bluetooth connection to your phone when you answer the call.

Handwash app

Personal hygiene is more vital than ever before, particularly when it comes to hand washing. However, maintaining regular handwashing practices may be difficult as we go about our everyday lives.

Samsung debuted the Hand Wash app for Galaxy smartwatches shortly after the world’s fast developments last year. The app offers a convenient and easy solution to help you stick to your handwashing practice. Set up alarms in the app to get reminders to wash your hands at regular intervals.

With the newest update4, your Galaxy smartwatch will begin a 25-second countdown when you start washing your hands, which is the World Health Organization’s recommended hand washing duration. You can also keep track of how many times you cleaned your hands during the day on the app’s dashboard and examine your handwashing habits every week.

Enable Always-on mode

The Galaxy Watch screen does not remain on by default, only activating when you touch it or lift your wrist.

However, unlike the Apple Watch, the Galaxy Watch may be worn continuously. To do so, go to the Display section of the Settings menu and choose Watch always on. You may turn it on and off from here.

It also opens applications automatically, and If you don’t want to touch the Galaxy Watch’s screen, this is a beautiful solution to avoid doing so while launching applications.

You may toggle the ability to launch your applications automatically in Settings > Apps. If you choose it, the white dot that indicates which applications you’re looking over will flash for a few seconds before it opens without your input.


Samsung has slowly established itself in the smartwatch sector. Its Galaxy smartwatches are reliable and packed with innovative hardware and software capabilities, and they support both Android and iPhone.

However, if you possess one of these screen touch watches, there’s a possibility you’re not making the most of it. Under the hood, these wearables have a slew of lesser-known capabilities. Some of the distinguishing characteristics of the best Samsung smartwatches are listed above.

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