7 Convincing Reasons You Should Stop Bursting Crackers

This year, Diwali is being celebrated. Traditionally, fireworks have been considered to be an essential element of the Diwali celebrations. Is it possible that we will be willing to give it up this time to contribute to environmental preservation? Diwali celebrations are deemed incomplete if they do not involve the lighting of pyrotechnics. Delhi is already enveloped in smog, and fireworks during Diwali will aggravate the situation much more. The reason for all of the commotion, or rather, the appeal, surrounding Diwali may be perplexing to some. So send diwali gifts online and make your Diwali safe.

Here are seven compelling reasons that may convince you to abstain from setting off fireworks this year.

1) Smog:

Even though the harsh winter season has not yet arrived, smog has already begun to pollute the air in the nation. Pollution caused by particulate matter mixed with exhaust fumes from moving vehicles is already suffocating cities. Because of the explosions of firecrackers during Diwali, pollution in the surrounding region rises by more than 30% in the immediate vicinity. Do you want to suffocate yourself and those around you even more than you already are?


2) Fire Accidents:

According to residents, it is common for fires to erupt in cracker markets. Whether they are in Faridabad or Kozhikode, Kerala. It just takes a single spark to ignite a large area, resulting in severe property damage and, in some cases, deaths due to the catastrophe. What’s the purpose of putting your life at risk to get attention?


3) Other living beings/pets:

Animals, even your pets, are among those who are less fortunate than you and cannot communicate in the same way that you do. This is true regardless of how much fun you are having with the crackers you are popping. When dogs become aware that the sound and light in their immediate surroundings change, they may get disorient and become aggressive. This Diwali, step into the shoes of a superhero and save the day for them instead send Diwali flowers to your loved ones.


4) Garbage is a significant issue:

In addition to damaging the air, when the crackers burst, they pollute the land, contaminating it with hazardous substances. Take a look and decide for yourself! Instead of thinking about the Prime Minister’s Swachh Bharat initiative.Consider this: Would you want to wake up to a sea of the garbage when you awaken on the day of Diwali?


5) Child labour is a significant problem throughout the world:

If you’re like most people. You’re probably not acquaint with the storey of thousands of child labourers who work in fireworks manufacturing facilities around the world. These children, who work in dangerous conditions, are often involve in accidents, some so severe that they are left permanently disable. Every year, an incredible number of fire accidents are report in and around the city of Sivakasi in Tamil Nadu, even though safety measures are in place. The only way to save these children is to refuse to collaborate with the crackers targeting them. When the demand for a product declines, the supply of that product declines as well.


6) Crackers have a detrimental effect on the health of infants and expecting moms:

The harmful effects of cracker explosions seem to be almost infinite. People think that frequent exposure to loud noises during pregnancy may hurt the developing baby in the mother’s womb. Although this is not on paper. But it has a significant effect on the mother’s mental health and wellbeing. The noise from firecrackers may cause tinnitus (ringing in the ears), and it can last for up to 24 hours or longer. Depending on the intensity of the firecracker sound and how close the individual is to the sound. Women who are pregnant may experience stress due to the noise from the crackers. Which may prevent them from obtaining enough sleep.


7) Air pollution caused by the presence of hazardous gases:

A range of vibrant colours is produce when crackers are ignite by elements such as copper, cadmium, sulphur, aluminium, and barium. Which are often use in their construction. Unless the city receives an adequate amount of rain or strong winds. The dangerous chemicals produced by the bursting of crackers, such as Nitrous Oxide, may remain in the air for an extended period after the explosion. Inhaling the chemicals emitted by firecrackers raises the chance of an asthma attack developing in those who already have the disease. Additionally, patients suffering from heart disease, chronic bronchitis, or an immunocompromised state are at greater risk of infection. So order diwali sweets online and make your diwali safe.

Why aren’t we able to refrain from lighting fireworks during the Diwali celebrations this year?

We must take immediate action for the sake of the environment, our loved ones, and our pets.

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