Celebrate A Pet-Friendly Diwali This Year With Your Family

The love and cheer in the air made the sorrow and difficulties fade into the background. Although Diwali is a celebration of togetherness and bond formation, it causes significant behavioural changes in pets and stray animals. These can include feelings of fear, anxiety, aggression, and so on. Some hide, others bark, and still, others stop eating properly. Breeds with shorter snouts have respiratory issues during this time, and many pets go missing, and their owners are unable to find them.

Pet-Friendly Diwali This Year

On the other hand, stray dogs go into hiding and only come out once the festivities are over. As a result, they lose sight of food and go hungry for days on end. On this auspicious day, you can also give & send Diwali Gifts to your loved ones. 

It’s heartbreaking to see your happy pets and stray dogs shivering, shaking, and barking around Diwali. The negative effects of Diwali have a great impact on street dogs. It can impair their hearing and cause them to become agitated.

The sound of firecrackers causes extreme stress and may even result in death. Dogs are susceptible, and because they have a better hearing ability, they are more susceptible to high decibel sounds at such festivals.


Fear, salivation, shaking, trembling, shivering, excessive barking, loss of appetite, aggressiveness, and other symptoms of cracker bursting in animals are common. Animals have acute listening, and the cracker-bursting noises are unbearable to them. Cats and dogs ars are more sensitive than human ears because animals’ hearing range, such as dogs’, is around 40 hertz to 60 hertz, which is substantially higher than that of humans, producing extreme stress.

What good is a celebration if our closest buddies don’t enjoy it?

Pets are hypersensitive to loud noises and flashing lights. Some pets suffer from health problems and mental distress as a result of the commotion caused by a celebration that includes fireworks and other pet-toxic substances. And the pollution and devastation caused by exploding fireworks are harmful to the environment and sometimes consumed by stray animals, resulting in death.

To avoid disturbing animals and pets during our Diwali celebrations, and keep them away  from Diwali sweets people and pet owners should do the following:

Pet owners should keep their pets indoors, preferably in a quiet and familiar room where the sound of crackers is not too loud.

Owners can also cover and protect their pets’ ears with cotton or a quilt to not panic when they hear the cracker noise.

Make an effort to keep people from throwing firecrackers at animals. Request that your building’s security guard to keep a watch out for anyone who attaches lit firecrackers to the tails of dogs or other animals.

Discourage people from exploding extremely loud firecrackers whenever possible – animals’ hearing is far more sensitive than humans.

If you feed homeless dogs in your neighbourhood, make sure they have tags with their names and addresses on them. People who find them will be able to contact you if they run away as a result of the festivities.

Prepare a first-aid kit in advance of assisting injured animals. Keep a bucket of water on hand in case of emergency and dispose of used firecrackers.


Keep your contact information for local municipalities and nearby shelters in hand and notify them as soon as your pet goes missing. How to Celebrate a Pet-Friendly Diwali with your own Dog or Cat? Diwali 2021, 7 Tips For Celebrating A Pet-Friendly Festival with your family & friends. Celebrate A Pet-Friendly Diwali This Year With Your Family. Follow these easy tips, & best steps and make Diwali a pet-friendly festival.

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