Why Do You Build It Up? 6 Common Mistakes When Having Home Extensions

Whether you’re having home extensions or renovations, you should take some time to prepare for it. Moreover, you must be fully committed to taking this kind of responsibility before it all begins.

Having home extensions is a big deal. It’s not the same as redoing your garden that you can still reschedule even if it has already started. Sure, you can still stop the construction if the extension is not attached to the main house. But as much as possible, you should be ready with all the costs as you move forward.


Even if the most prepared homeowners make mistakes when it comes to the actual home extension, what more if you’re not prepared? To give you a heads-up, here are some common mistakes you should avoid when having home extensions.

1. Not setting a schedule

During the planning stage, you should also set a schedule. Even if it’s just a rough draught, since not everything’s finalised yet, you should update the schedule once in a while.

Setting a schedule will also help you face unexpected delays easily. Furthermore, it’s comforting to have the time planned even for the most unforeseen event.

There are many reasons why homeowners don’t set their schedule for home extensions like not being aware of it, leaving everything to the builders, and not having expectations. Unfortunately, even if you haven’t experienced any type of home renovation before, you should do some research on how everything works just so you have an idea.

2. Not having a budget

Another common mistake homeowners face when having home extensions is money. Even if you have tons of money, if you have construction going on, you should set an achievable budget.

It would be such a waste when you suddenly run out of money in the middle of the extension. Moreover, the builders might get mad since it looks like you’re not committed to the project. So before anything starts, you should set a budget. You can consult with the builders beforehand regarding the estimate.

It’s best if aside from your savings, you’ll also have a loan just in case something went wrong during the extension.


3. Not choosing the right season

If you have the money, you can do everything you want except control the weather. However, if you have a budget for covering the entire construction site or spending more on waterproof materials, then you can have home extensions any time of the year. Otherwise, you’ll just need to pick the right time for it.

When picking the right season for home projects, you should consider your location, and imagine what the construction will look like in a certain season. For instance, if you choose to have home extensions in the summer, then you can do it simultaneously with your vacation. That way, you won’t have to move out during the dusty encounter inside your house.

4. Not finalising the design

Similar to not having a schedule, not having a design is just another way of having no clue of what’s going on. Sure, you can have a rough sketch of your home extension, but you should take your time in choosing the design that would make you comfortable once everything’s done.

You might’ve seen wonderful designs that would make your heart skip a bit whenever you see them, but you should also consider your current home when looking for home extension ideas. Don’t be limited to having modern or traditional styles since there are many collaborations in today’s architectural designs.

In the end, the best home extension design lies with what you and your family want for your home.


5. Not choosing the experienced team

A great team can adjust to the most inconvenient situations. But even if you have a lot of money, the best schedule, and the greatest design, if the team you choose doesn’t have enough experience, you’ll end up facing problems.

For instance, you might be able to hire a team that can handle home renovations but not the specific specialisation required for your expected design. In this case, you’ll need to conduct a thorough interview, and even visit past projects they’ve handled before that are similar to what you like.

That way, you can set the expectation that they can achieve the planned design.

6. Not getting insurance

Are you forgetting something? It might be a small detail, but you should always remember that having a home extension will affect the policy of your entire house. So before you get all busy with the other paperwork, make sure to create a list of things you should accomplish during the construction.

You can set a meeting with your insurance agent regarding the project so that they are aware of the changes that will be done to your property. Likewise, you should also inform them after everything’s done.


Are you excited to take home improvement to the next level? Then you should keep in mind how to perfectly handle home extension projects. Let us know if you encountered any problems during the construction by commenting below!

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