Why are Bathroom Vanities Installations So Expensive?

A bathroom vanity is handy more than you realize. It acts as a holding space for essentials such as skin products, tissue rolls, and other toiletries. It comes with plenty of compartments that you can customize and use as storage space for your items. However, bathroom vanities are not cheap. Which often leaves a buyer second-guessing the purchasing, wondering whether it is worth it.

Vanity Cabinets Materials

A bathroom vanity can only last long if it can withstand prolonged exposure to moisture and humidity. This can only happen if the vanity is made from a durable material. This is why most vanities are made from plywood, solid wood, MDF, rubberwood, or particleboard. Solid wood is the most expensive option. Teak and mahogany make the strongest vanities, followed by maple and fir.

Vanity Top Material

These are mostly made of granite or marble. Both materials are highly durable and as they are scratch and heat resistant. Granite comes in various grades, and the better the performance, the more expensive it is. If you are looking for vanity top materials that are significantly cheaper than marble and granite, laminates and solid surfaces are suitable options.

Design and Size

Whether you are going for a custom-made, ready-made, or constructing your bathroom own vanity, the more intricate the design is, and the bigger the vanity, the more it will cost. If you want luxury bathroom vanities, you can spice up by including attractive dispensers, beautiful wallpaper designs, and special lighting features. You can also choose from the single, double, or extra-large double basins for all the extra fancy stuff. The price of the vanity will further increase.

After all, is said and done, how much should bathroom vanities cost. A vanity can only be expensive if it is made from expensive material. You can choose cheaper options from cheap materials. The average cost of an affordable vanity is $500 to $3500. Expensive vanities cost upwards of $3500.

Who Installs Bathroom Vanities?

A bathroom vanities are among the most luxurious and artistic additions you can have in your bathroom. Vanities bring about elegance, functionality, and elevation to every basic bathroom. Their installation can be done by a plumber or a carpenter, or you can do it yourself if you are well trained and equipped.

Who should do a Vanity Installation?

Bathroom vanity installation is straightforward. Anyone can do it as long as they have basic drilling and plumbing skills. However, if you want a neat, professionally done job, go for professional carpenters and plumbers. You may also consider calling home remodelling retailers to help with the job. Anyone making and selling bathroom vanities will have a professional for the installation bit.

Vanity Installation by a Plumber

A plumber is essential in the installation of a vanity. They ensure proper water flow and proper fixing of the waterline to the vanity faucet. They also check for leaks and fix them. How much a plumber charges for bathroom vanity installation depends on the amount of work and time taken to accomplish it.

Home remodelling Retailers

Most home remodelling retailers offer the services of installing bathroom vanities. They mostly work on customized projects with their in-home consultants. The consultants are involved before you even settle on the type of vanity. They help you choose bathroom vanities suitable for your space, as well as the design, shape, and size. With retailers, you have to specify exactly what you need them to do with your bathroom; they will quote for you and agree on payment terms.

You can install a bathroom vanity yourself. The process is not complicated, and all you need is basic skills. You have to be particularly careful about the water connections and the measurements. If you purchase the vanity from a reputable store, most come with manuals that help guide the installation process.

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