Maintenance Tips to Take Care of Windows and Doors in Summer

Have you ever considered how your windows and doors are handling the hot weather? It is necessary for your lovely home to be prepared to sustain the summertime heat. Because summers are hot, the sweltering heat can cause inside damage to your doors and windows. Maintaining the health of the windows will help them run more efficiently and last longer. 

While aluminum window designs like casement doors and sliding windows naturally help reduce incoming heat, there are certain steps you can take to have maximum leverage during the summer. A few preventative measures can help you avoid significant sun damages or extensive cleaning in the future. Keep your windows spotless by addressing concerns with the blinds, frames, panes, and seams this summer season. 

Here are some pointers on how to preserve your doors windows and doors throughout the hot months: 

Summer Windows and Doors Maintenance Tips 

Wash The Interior And Exterior Glass Panes

Dirty glass panes that are soiled with dirt obstruct the view, preventing you from basking in the glory of the exterior view from the coziness of your home. To keep your aluminium window design spotless throughout the summer season, wash both the interior and exterior panes well with mild detergent or store-bought cleaning solutions. You can also choose to make your solution at home over industrialized products to be more sustainable. Warm water and vinegar or lemon solution should do the trick in wiping away the dust from the glass panes. 

Clean The Windows Screens

Window screens allow the cool breeze into the residence and keep the external dirt and insects outdoors. This implies that, even if the glass has been cleaned, the screen will gather debris over time, obstructing the vision. Consider removing the screens while cleaning the windows then scrape them with a soft brush, and finally rinse both sides of the screen. Allow them to dry completely then put them back together. 

Dusting The Blinds 

Exposed blinds are vulnerable to dust collection, which is why wiping the dust from the blinds with a fabric regularly is important. Additionally, you can spray antistatic spray to prevent premature dust gathering. 

Fixing Hardware

To ensure a smooth operation of the windows, the hardware must be in tip-top condition. Rusted hardware results in a difficult opening and closing system, while loose hinges can cause a door to jam, entangle, or scratch against the surface. Get your window or door fixed immediately upon seeing the wear and tear signs to avoid permanent damages. 

Removing Mildew 

Windows that have outlived their lifespan are prone to mildew formation which results in moisture retention—- and moisture can further ruin the windows. This is dangerous as it compromises the robustness of the window. To remove the mildews, periodically clean/ wipe the windows with anti-moisture solutions. Be careful while handling the industrial solution— wear gloves to protect the hands as it may cause skin irritation. 

Examine The Seams

Examine the seams of the windows for leaks and rot when cleaning or dusting them, especially the places where air, dirt, or water can easily penetrate. Dirt and dust can swiftly become a nuisance— seams invaded by exterior elements eventually deteriorates, resulting in the need for untimely repair if not handled immediately. Seams clogged with dirt and debris also hinder a window from closing smoothly, which leads to energy loss. So, make it a point to clean up all of the dust particles that have accumulated on the surface to prevent premature rots and replacements. 

Seal Any Air Leaks

Check for any air leakage in the existing windows— air leaks are unseen to the eyes, but persistent heat loss can result in significant energy costs at the end of the day.

Consider Storm Windows

Storm windows help you save money on your energy bills—- they provide an additional protective barrier against air and water leakages. Storm windows are serious investments, which helps homeowners save a significant amount of money in the long run. 

New Window Replacements 

Unnecessary energy loss from inadequately insulated windows leads to massive loss of energy, increasing monthly electricity charges. To say, upgrading to aluminum casement doors & windows as replacement of your outdated conventional windows can save you money on energy bills.


Dedicate an afternoon to clean all of the window’s components and take precautions to avoid additional damage. Summer is an excellent season to clean the windows in your home— you get sparkling windows with a clearer view, a cleaner home, and extended window longevity.

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