30 minutes to tidy up and cleaning the living room, top time!

Why is cleaning the living room important?

Cleaning and tidying your room is also good for your health. You’ll immediately feel less stressed and distracted, which means you’ll be able to go to bed calm and relaxed and get a much better night’s sleep.

Tired of spending a whole weekend day cleaning your house? Like many families, do you have the impression that your living room is constantly in a mess? Rest assured, we have established an ideal schedule to tidy up and clean your living room in 30 minutes.

1. Get rid of everything that has nothing to do in the living room (5 minutes)

Take a basket or a large basket. Place all the items that do not belong to the living room (toys, clothes, books, etc.). With your basket, you can then go around the rooms to put each object in its place. This will waste less time than doing multiple round trips.

2. Put away books and magazines (2 minutes)

Put books and magazines in their place in the library, or organize them in straight piles on the coffee table.

3. Dust (5 minutes)

Using a microfiber cloth or an anti-static feather duster, dust the furniture and knick-knacks, lifting each one well. Don’t forget about radiators, chandeliers or the TV screen.

4. Vacuum (8 minutes)

Can you already see more clearly? Well. You can now move on to cleaning the floor. Vacuum the entire room, paying attention to corners, and remembering to pushchairs and furniture that can be.

5. Brush the sofa (2 minutes)

Tap the cushions to remove dust and restore volume. Also, run your vacuum cleaner hose over the sofa for a thorough cleaning. Don’t forget the backrest and arms. Also go under the seat cushions, which are a real nest of crumbs and dirt of all kinds.

6. Dust the curtains (2 minutes)

Close the curtains and keep them taut and tied with a clothespin. Use the flat nozzle of your vacuum cleaner to dust them off. If you have blinds, clean the slats with a microfiber cloth.

7. Clean the floor (6 minutes)

Even if this room is less messy than the kitchen, a strong passage stains the floor. Now that it’s dusted, go for the wash. Follow our tips depending on whether it is tiling, terracotta, or parquet.

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