What Types Of Facilities Are Available At An Advanced Diagnostic Centre?

Advanced Diagnostic Centre ISO 9001: 2015″ is one of Pakistan’s preferred diagnostic centres. This is an internationally recognized centre. The main aim of this advanced centre is to serve the people in Pakistan with the latest medical tools. This centre has all the tools that can diagnose your disease accurately. This centre serves all the people from different walks of life.

This is a well-known name in the field of medical solutions. The name stands for excellence in every aspect. The hospital provides state-of-the-art facilities. You will be treated in a warm, friendly and sophisticated atmosphere. The diagnostic hospital and the outpatient facility is world-class.

This is a highly popular diagnostic centre. which provides services to various cities across Pakistan. You will find a wide range of services at this facility. The diagnostic centre staff is friendly and helpful. The staff also ensures you the latest facilities.

This hospital is famous for its high quality services and it has branches in different parts of Pakistan. The services offered here include counselling, counseling and psychotherapy. It is famous for its renowned psychologist, MS expert and clinician.

This clinic is dedicated to offering long term treatment and rehabilitation solutions to addicts. There are a number of addiction treatment centres here in the city. The treatment procedures are very effective. This is a full time treatment facility for substance addicts and patients who have multiple addictions.

This is a famous dental clinic in Islamabad. It is known for offering quality services to patients with dental problems. The main feature of this clinic is that it provides affordable solutions to dental problems. All the treatments and related facilities offered here are very efficient.

This hospital specializes in dental surgery, periodontal disease, prosthetics dentistry and oral pathology. The hospital also provides advanced laboratory services to provide optimum diagnostic results. All the dental services provided here are very affordable.

You can go for any type of dental procedure at this hospital. The diagnostic centre here is provided with highly advanced equipment. The X-ray machine and other modern machines are used here. You will find several other services being offered at this hospital such as cataract surgery, cornea and retina examinations, sclera biopsy and so on. You will also find several medical facilities in this hospital such as emergency departments, cardiac care units, a dialysis centre and an operating theatre.

This is a very famous clinic. You can get all types of dental treatments at this clinic. The diagnostic centre here is located very close to Pakistan International Medical College. The hospital staffs here provide top notch quality services to patients.

It was initially established in 1923. It provides treatment to all sorts of dental problems. You can get general dental services, dental surgeries, periodontal services and orthodontics here. You can even go for an eye examination and have an eye examination through a link provided with the International Hospital. For More Info

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