13 Best Professionals Tips and Tricks for Home Cleaning-DIY

Home is where the heart is. An average time human beings spend their half-life in homes or houses. It is equal upto 11 hours at home or house or flat or apartment. This can be changed because it completely depends upon humans behaviours.

We eat, sleep, bathe, and spend time with the family. We invite relatives, friends and guests to our homes or houses. And with time we need to concern about home cleaning or decoration. Your impression goes about your home’s interior and exterior in the minds of friends, relatives, and guests.

So, would you not like to impress your friends, guests and family members? If your answer is yes then we will share with you some top tips and tricks for Do It Yourself (DIY).

  1. Dust with Dryer

Curtains, drapes, slipcovers, pillows, and blankets trap household dust. Particularly, curtains and drapes get dust, stains, and moisture from the outside environment. Put all these items in the dryer machine for 20 minutes with a damp towel. the damp towel will attract pet hair and the flowing air will remove all the dust.

  • Synthetic Soap for Bathroom Cleaning

Synthetic soap is made of chemicals but sure in some amount instead of fats or lye. The soap will make a strong layer of scum on the sink or tub and will remove all the stains and germs.

  • Long reach Vacuum

The long reach vacuum will help in cleaning or suck the dust on the ceiling, above windows. You can buy an inexpensive PVC vacuum hose from the market in different sizes.

  • Cushions beating with Racket

Upholstery like blankets, curtains, sofas, and drapes get a lot of dust. Dryer and vacuum cleaning can reduce the dust but cannot deep-down dust. So, for that beating your cushions on a windy day with an old racket is the best option.

  • Doormat- A Winter Solution

Doormat is the first one to deal with dust on the exterior and interior sides. So, make your doormat friend available on the outside and inside door first. It will help you in the winter when you have snowy boots going in and outside the home. Keep the mats clean 2-3 a day regularly.

  • How to clean a pillowcase

Do you know from where your pillowcase gets dust? The answer is your pillowcase on which you sleep every day gets its dust from the fan above you. The solution is to clean your fan as soon as possible.

  • The magic is baking soda and vinegar

Everyone has access to baking soda and vinegar and cost nothing. Take a spray bottle and fill it with water and vinegar equally and let them saturate fully. When the chemical reaction has stopped then you can use it for the soft and hard spots or dark wrinkles. This magic solution can also remove the stink from shoes. Use this magic without any harmful reaction.

Moreover, you can use this formula for curtain cleaning, drapes, and blinds. And the results are amazing.

  • DIY Cleaning

Do you like spotless free mirrors and windows? If you are willing then you can make the solution at home. Add 2 cups of water with 2 tablespoons vinegar and 3 drops of peppermint essential oil and mix it well for 2 minutes. Now the do it yourself solution is ready to remove any spot on the mirror and windows.

  • Cleaning the Toilet every day

The bathroom is used regularly and gets dirt and its cleaning is a bit hard job. So, to avoid this hardship you should have to clean your bathroom daily. This practice will keep you away from hardship.

  1. Cleaning Plan

All cleaning experts agreed on prioritizing your cleaning plan will save your time and energy. Starting cleaning from kitchens and baths, and then moving towards dusting, de-cluttering, bedding and lastly floors will be the best way.

  1. Vacuuming the Right Way

Cleaning experts emphasise the right vacuuming. They recommend that vacuuming first horizontally and then vertically to trap all the dust. Keep in mind vacuuming slowly ensures that the vacuum picks up all the dirt and dust.

  1. Swiffer for Walls

A floor Swiffer is not only for the hard floor but you can use it to clean the interior dust on walls. Attach a dry cloth on both sides of a Swiffer and press it along walls and trim it. You can clean your interior without having a ladder.

  1. Coffee Filters Cleaning Technique

Have you tried Coffee filters? If not yet then doesn’t matter. Coffee filters are the best to clean your TV screen, laptop, and computer monitor. You can also it for cleaning your glasses, windows screen, and mirror.

The ideas and methods for cleaning are unlimited. The best is to use it according to the situation and materials. You can figure out very simple, cheap and less time taking solutions to clean your house or office interior and exterior. If you are confused and can’t manage your house and office then there are cleaning companies out there. You can hire their services and they will clean your house and office. The decision is yours.

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