Severely Dry Lips – What Are The Symptoms, Causes, And Treatments?

Lip dryness is a common problem faced by almost everyone, specifically in the winter season. However, severely dry lips can lead to lips chapping or cheilitis. It is the reason everyone keeps lip balm boxes along with the quality balms inside. Understanding their root causes, symptoms, and treatment is essential in order to care for your lips properly. Let’s delve into details about these factors. 

01. Symptoms:

  • Dryness and Flaking:

It is normal for a person to have some flaky skin along with the increased age. Normally people tackle it by keeping some cheap lip balm boxes along with them and applying balms frequently. But the dryness and flaking of the lips collectively is an alarming situation.

The epidermis starts getting removed slowly. Lip balm boxes not only pains but people can also lose their confidence to attend the events. It leads to cheilitis which is the worse form of dryness, and hence people have to visit a good dermatologist. So, better not neglect these symptoms. 

  • Cracks and Bleeding:

The outer layer of the lips is quite sensitive and often starts getting chapped and cracked. Moreover, the absence of the oil glands in the lips is also a reason that this body part is more prone to dryness problems.

Normally same indications are also printed over the lip balm packaging boxes. A split lip causes a lot of pain and often starts bleeding, which means your lips need serious attention. It is necessary to make them oily artificially to avoid such a situation. 

02. Causes:

  • Less Water Consumption:

The biggest root cause of severely dry and chapped lips is less intake of water. Drinking less water makes the body dehydrated, and hence different parts of the body start getting affected by it. Lips get affected more because of it.

People often buy chapstick boxes with some oily balms to keep their lips wet, but the real cause of dryness stays hidden. People consume less water in the winter season. It is the reason that they face lips dryness problems more in such cold seasons of the year. 

  • Licking and Biting:

Another reason that needs to be stopped immediately is the habit of licking and biting the lips. Some people bite their lips just for fun, while others try to remove the flaky skin. In both cases, it leads to more problems and often results in bleeding. Similarly, licking the lips to make them wet is also a major cause in this regard. It makes lips wet for some time, but they get drier because of the evaporation.

  • Bad Weather Conditions:

Weather is always a major factor that makes the lips severely dry. Too hot or too cold weather conditions are not ideal for human skin. So, it affects lips more because of the sensitivity of the skin. You may often see it clearly mentioned over the chapstick’s retail packaging that they are ideal in bad weather conditions. Cold air instantly makes the lips dry, so it is essential to cover them with a scarf, specifically when you are in such an environment. 

03. Treatment:

  • Drink Plenty Of Water And Juices:

Curing dry lips naturally benefits more in the long term. The major root cause of the dryness is consuming less water. So, you should drink plenty of water as recommended by health professionals. Try to take small sips of water the whole day in case of extreme dryness to keep them wet. Similarly, consume juices that contain vitamin B as deficiency of this vitamin is the major cause of flaky skin and chapped lips. It will also glow your skin and makes your cheeks blush. 

  • Use Lip Balms With SPF:

Lip balms are the best source to cure the extreme dryness of the lips as they contain some natural oils and other useful ingredients. They are available in different flavors as well. However, try to buy lip balm display boxes that are printed with the details about the SPF protection.

It protects the lips from the harmful radiations emitted from sun rays. Make sure that the lip balms you are buying do not contain elements like menthol, camphor, or alcohol. These elements provide some instant relief but make lips drier after some while. It ultimately requires using the balms again and again.  

04. Use A Humidifier:

It is common in cold regions to sleep with the heat on in the bedroom. The increasing temperature reduces the humidity level in the room that creates a dry environment. It ultimately affects lips by making them more chapped. Apart from keeping the custom lip balm boxes filled with different types of balms, also consider having a humidifier.

Switch on the humidifier before going to bed to keep the room a bit humid. You can also place it in an open environment in the home for having the same environment everywhere. Apart from these health mentioned factors, there is much more you can try to cure severely dry lips on the recommendation of health professionals.

However, keeping the lip balm boxes in pockets or purses always benefits as you can make and feel your lips well at any time. No doubt the lips say a lot about the personality of a person. So start caring while you see the symptoms mentioned above.

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