Is Post Malone Gay? Exploring His Love Life

Austin Richard Post, known professionally and popularly as Post Malone, is a 26-year-old American rapper, singer, and songwriter. In 2013, Malone started his music career but did not reach mainstream or rise to fame until 2015. His songs made it to the top charts of US Billboard. Besides, he also won several music awards, including 10 Billboard Music Awards, six Grammy Awards, and more.

In this article, we will talk about one of the most frequently asked questions about Malone. Is Post Malone gay? we will find out and also talk about the status of your relationship.

No, Post Malone is not gay. He is currently in a relationship, in fact, he revealed that he is now engaged and that he also has a daughter. Although Malone does not confirm or reveal who he is engaged to, in 2021 it was reported that he was dating South Korean rapper MLMA.

Is Post Malone gay?

There is not much information about Malone’s sexuality but it can be said that Malone is not gay although there are rumors that he is gay. But how did the rumors start? Well, it all started after a lot of people suggested that he go on the show “Queer Eye”. This show is very popular and is also representative of the LGBTQ group.

There were a lot of people who wanted the Sunflower singer to come on the show. He even clicked on Karamo Brown, so wondering why people wanted Post Malone on the show, he tweeted if Malone was asking. However, Malone later clarified that he didn’t ask for it, but it’s just that people think he’s ugly.

Malone is a popular rap artist and ever since people suggested Malone be on the Queer Eye show, many started wondering if Malone was gay because the Queer Eye show is a show where gay creators give people a “makeover” if anyone needs it.

But Malone is unlikely to be gay as he hasn’t dated any men. However, he has been in a relationship with several women, including Ashlen Diaz. Also, another reason why people think Malone is gay is that he is a private person who doesn’t share much about his relationship status.

Since the rapper hasn’t come out with his sexuality, he might as well be gay, but that’s highly unlikely since he’s engaged and has a daughter.

Who is Post Malone’s fiance?

As already stated, no information is available about Malone’s personal life as the rapper does not share anything about it with the public. However, many fans believe that Malone’s fiancée is a woman named Jamie. However, neither of them confirmed the news.

Post Malone was spotted with then-girlfriend Jamie in January 2021, they were out shopping in West Hollywood and were seen with Malone’s family as Jamie also posed for pictures.

After that, it seems there were people who criticized her as many believe that Jamie deactivated her social media accounts, however, she might have deactivated them to keep her pregnancy a secret.

Malone later shared that she was expecting a baby to TMZ, saying, “I’m excited for this next chapter in my life, I’m happier than ever and for as long as I can remember I was sad. He It’s time to take care of my body, my family and my friends, and spread as much love as possible every day.”

Post Malone was previously linked with MLMA

In 2020, Post Malone was rumored to be dating Korean rapper and TikTok star “Me Love Me Alot” (MLMA). He posted a series of photos on his Instagram and TikTok videos with Post Malone that started the rumor mill about their relationship.

However, it was never confirmed whether they were dating or not, as neither of them commented on this matter. Whether or not they date doesn’t really matter now as their relationship seems to have come to an end and, as mentioned above, Malone is believed to have a fiancé named Jamie.

In 2020, MLMA posted a photo of Post Malone to their (now deleted) Instagram and captioned it, “Did the best face makeup ever.”

Breakup with Ashlen Diaz

Ashlen Diaz is Post Malone’s ex-girlfriend and they were a couple for over three years before breaking up in earnest in 2018. The couple started dating in early 2015 when Post Malone met her at a club nightclub located in Dallas, Texas.

Where Ashlen worked as a music promoter and from there this couple started dating. Where Ashlen also helped Malone reach a new height of success.

In the interview with “The Breakfast Club”, Malone also said that “it would be very difficult to maintain a relationship with his busy schedule”. Also in some responses to Post Malone fan questions, Diaz said they had broken up several times and later reconciled.


Post Malone’s sexuality remains a mystery because he doesn’t talk about it. But, we all know that a straight man is attracted to the opposite sex.

Malone has never been reported to be in a close same-sex relationship, which is more than enough to prove he’s not gay or bisexual.

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