What are the top 10 most beautiful countries in Europe?

Looking for a gorgeous destination for your next European holiday? Learn what are the top 10 most beautiful countries in Europe with this article.

Europe is a travel bug’s paradise, and it’s its beauty that keeps it always on travellers’ radars. Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit different European countries to adore their beauty, culture, and food every year. But Although every country of this delightful continent is gorgeous, some enjoy an edge. These countries aren’t only gorgeous, but are the most popular European tourist attractions and are also travellers’ favourites. 

Let’s know what are the top 10 most beautiful countries in Europe


The home to Paris, the most esthetic city of Europe, France, is filled with every kind of beauty. Always filled with travellers, the country is perfect for both summer and winter trips. No matter what you are interested in, art, history, food, architecture, France will provide the best of these to you.

Famous among couples as a romantic getaway, the streets of France stay occupied with travellers of different kinds. Spend your time skiing in the Alps, or just enjoy the mouth-watering French cuisine. The country is filled with to do things and to visit paces for its tourists. Some of the best places to visit in France include Roman Ruins, Renaissance Chateaux, and the villages of Provence.


The queen’s land, United Kingdom, is a unique jewel studded in European beauty. Palaces like Buckingham Palace not only attract tourists but also increase the gorgeousness of the country. Take a flight from USA to London or your home country to take a ride in the most popular Ferris wheel, the London’s Eye. Or take long walks along the banks of the sinfully gorgeous river Thames.

The best part of the UK is the royal experience that it can provide to its tourists, but it isn’t the only experience. The UK can be a joyous or adventurous destination according to what a traveller wishes it to be. Spend your time visiting Big Ben, London Bridge, and Saint Paul’s Cathedral while you visit the country.


Owning city centres that are a stiff competition to the rest of the European countries, Spain is among the most gorgeous European countries. Spain has magnificent cities, a country that makes you feel both inspired and alive while giving you a break from everyday life. The colourful and shimmering Spain is enveloped with nature and is packed with great architectural designs. 


There is no coming back of the world-famous Italian food and the seductive Italian accent. Italy is a romantic, elegant destination equipped with haunting beauty and paranormal views. The Amalfi Coast of Italy is one of its most famous tourist spots and a gorgeous spot for day picnics. 

Spend your days exploring the rich Italian culture along with its heritage, values, and history. Or just relax and rejuvenate on an exquisite Island with a picturesque view. Italy is a perfect travelling location for every kind of traveller. Book Direct flights to Italy from US and you are in for a treat at the royal wonder of Venice.


The country of the dancing auroras and dazzling northern lights, Norway is filled with magic and adventures. Sleigh down frozen lakes while sitting in carts pulled by reindeer to experience what Santa does. Or spend hours appreciating the rugged coastal beauty of the country. Norway is a spectacular country filled with to visit and do things for its travellers.

The land of the midnight sun, Norway, is filled with drama, making it a magnificent country. Stay in the wooden houses with wild sceneries to enjoy the trip to the country to its best.


Equipped with a gorgeous coastline and ancient town, Croatia is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. The sapphire blue water and the rugged land of Croatia are pearls studded in their beauty. If you are looking for a getaway with nature and peace, then Croatia should be your idle choice.

This compact country will provide you with a break and will allow you a peaceful adventure away from the bright city lights. Spend your days in Croatia exploring the deep forests, shimmering waterfalls, and intimate lakes. The historical sites in Croatia are an absolute treat for the history geeks. 


The land of beautiful sunsets, Greece, is an adorable country and an absolute traveller’s paradise. The country welcomes tens of thousands of travellers every year who visit Greece to adore its magnificent charm. Find peace at the hilltop monasteries, of view sublime sunsets at Santorini, Greece is filled with amazing experiences for its tourists.

Athens, Greece, has always been the first love of history geeks while the Cyclades are adored for its beauty. Visit the Olympus National Park to have a taste of the wilderness of the country.


Iceland’s blue sapphire beauty is studded with rugged volcanic fields and mesmerizing glaciers, creating the most picturesque sceneries. The land where fire meets the ice, Iceland, is a splendid location with warm, creative, and welcoming locals. The cultural and regional beauty of Iceland gives new dimensions to Iceland’s beauty.

Spend your time in Iceland enjoying the gorgeous day-life and celebrating the buzzing nightlife. Or take part in a local festival to feel closer to this adorable country. 


A colourful country, Turkey is a unique blend of culture and history. Filled with gorgeous beaches and vibrant bazaars, Turkey provides the most cherishing memories to travellers. Spend your day shopping from the local bazaars or relax and rejuvenate at the gorgeous coastline. 

Hiking up the rugged mountains and visiting the historical ruins are among the best experience that the country provides. Filled with art, history, and culture, Turkey respects both its traditions and youth. 


Famously known as the land of Mozart, Austria is a sparkling country with gorgeous sceneries. The charismatic cities of the country are a hub of culture, heritage, traditions, and youth. Equipped with the highest living standards among all the countries in the world, the locals of Austria are super welcoming and friendly.

Spend your days in Austria adoring the art and culture of the country or go adventurous with its dazzling mountain peaks. The best places to visit in Austria include Innsbruck, St Anton, and Vienna. 

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