How to Choose a Car Seat? Things you Consider while buying

Essential equipment for parents, car seat will allow you to transport your toddler safely. And from the birth of your oldest child to the 10 years of your little one, you are probably going to make this purchase several times. So, how do you choose the right car seat? Which model should be preferred according to the age and size of your little one? You will be perfectly guided when you buy a car seat with mamas & papas coupon.

What is the Right Size?

To choose the car seat for your child, you must take into account their age and especially their height and weight. To get an idea:

  • The carrycot and the shell seat allow the transport of the newborn who weighs approximately 10 kilos.
  • The second age car seats are intended for children between 9 and 18 kilos.
  • The booster will be used from 15 kilos, and until the child can do without a seat.

In either case, car seats are a compulsory product which should be in your list from maternity ward up till your child turns 10 approximately. With coupon, you can buy a comfortable car seat which will be your best companion in your travel.

Planning to Buy Within a Budget?

The purchase of a baby seat or a child seat represents a significant budget for the majority of households. Beyond the model, the price varies according to the comfort, the options of the child car seat and the convenience of use. If you are you looking for a cheap car seat, the first thing you need to do is to get a coupon from Coupon Bahrain so that you can take a step towards your kids travelling sessions. If you are looking for a top-of-the-range model, such as an Isofix swivel car seat, you will be investing in a good brand. Among the most reliable brands, we recommend Chicco or Cybex.

The Different Types of Car Seats

The Car Basket

Specially designed for infants, the car carrycot is a kind of bed which includes a safety harness. This car seat allows you to leave your baby lying down during the trip and can therefore be used as a bassinet during his first weeks. Comfort is thus optimal during long journeys by a car. Most of the time, this infant car seat can be easily clipped onto the stroller frame.

2nd Age Car Seats

This car seat is specially designed for kids who are able to sit on their own however, make sure that the seat is fixed to the car. Additionally, avoid using it as a stroller. Depending upon the model you have purchased with mamas & papas coupon, the child will be restrained with a safety shield or harness. In case you require more flexibility, select a model which allows both rearwards facing and facing forward positions.

The Booster Seats

Installed at the rear of the car facing the road, the booster seat allows the child to be seated at the correct height. He can thus be correctly fastened with the seat belt, without having any injuries on the neck. For added safety, the booster seat with backrest available with mamas & papas coupon is generally recommended until your child is approximately 1.25 m tall. Moreover, i-Size models necessarily include a backrest with side protections, to maintain the head in the event of an impact.

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