5 Primary Schools in Pune that Parents Need to Check Out

Parents feel more concerned about their children’s primary-level education. They always hope to solidify the educational base which contributes to their child’s early intellectual growth and a booming personality. Primary education helps a child to take the first step towards observing new things and forming perceptions. As a result, every parent wants these perceptions to mark a positive influence over their personality. That’s why they look for the best Primary Schools.

Finding a school is a challenging task for most parents. To match steps with the competitive world demands preparing a child during their early years. Thus, the primary schools capable of guiding students during those initial years are the best choice for any parent. 

The schools should have teaching and learning methods that are absolutely in the children’s interest and guide them to walk hand-in-hand with technological evolution. Pune is the hub of some excellent schools that have adapted to digital learning and help students follow a steady growth path. Nevertheless, parents are to choose the best primary school to enrich their child’s early development years. 

Amongst the various distinguished schools in Pune, here are the top 5 schools vital for every parent to check out. 

TOP 5 Primary Schools in Pune

These are a few selected secondary primary schools in Pune for your child:

Global Indian International School, Pune

Since its inception in 2002, GIIS has been one excellent school in Pune. They have a curriculum designed to focus on the student’s emotional and cognitive development. The school has some world-class teaching methods and a flexible assessment. The GIIS Pune classroom is a site that has enclosed the best preliminary plans for every possible opportunity for students.

The intelligent campus offers technologically equipped resources such as advanced science labs, audio-visual rooms, art, and crafts rooms, etc. GIIS is following a plan to develop a child by helping in acquiring knowledge beyond textbooks and granting them opportunities that prepare them for real-world exposure. 

St, Vincent High School

Founded in 1867, St. Vincent High School has a good name amongst the best schools in Pune. The school offers a carefully designed curriculum for imparting knowledge and enriching the students’ communication skills during their primary years. 

The school prepares the students at the primary level for the Senior Secondary examination. It has some of the best amenities on the campus that involve digital learning. They also offer exposure to the students to extracurricular activities such as Athletics, Chess, Judo and Karate, Swimming, etc., helping them pave a unique way to transition and success. 

Elpro International School

Elpro International’s student-centered learning approach makes it a good choice for your child’s primary education. During the early years, a teacher’s pedagogy model must be focused on practical learning methods. Elpro International’s technologically advanced classrooms follow the model to make learning engaging and insightful for the students. They are not just revolutionizing new-age education but also helping students enrich their creative talents to make them future-ready.

Crescent High School

Crescent High School is the educational institute that provides students with the clarity to be the best self-assessors. The school has an excellent curriculum that combines digital education and traditional teaching methods. Their well-equipped campus amenities help students with language enhancement, creativity, problem-solving, and logical awareness skills. 

The Kalyani School

The Kalyani School is amongst the top primary schools in Pune. They focus on helping students use their intellectual abilities to understand academic concepts instead of promoting rote learning. They have digital amenities that go hand-in-hand with the CBSE curriculum, with unique teaching models such as storytelling, presentation, etc. They encourage students to nurture their creative side apart from academic excellence. 

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