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Translation of USCIS documents is an important part of the immigration process, but only USCIS approved translation services can be trusted to guarantee accuracy. USCIS (the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) defines the requirements for USCIS approved translation services.

The USCIS Approved Translation Services must consist of precise translations that convey information accurately and completely in both languages; complete names and other appropriate identifying data for persons, places, things, events, dates, numbers, or quantities included in a document; and that follow formatting directions from the USCIS form when required by them. A USCIS authorized translator will ensure your application remains on track while you focus on preparing supporting evidence for your case.

We are an Authorized Certified Translator Agency USCIS Approved Translation Services in Miami Florida Area providing Certified USCIS Translation Services and USCIS Approved USCIS Document Translations for:

– Immigration to the United States: USCIS translations must accompany all family-based immigration, permanent residents (green card), fiancé, employment, and many other USCIS related applications.

– USCIS Translation of Documents: All USCIS forms such as the I-130 petition for relatives, I-90 application to replace the green card, I-191 application for provisional unlawful presence waiver must be accompanied by a USCIS translation — no exceptions. To save time and avoid delays in processing your immigration or naturalization application we suggest you begin preparing your USCIS forms early and consulting with us so we can help advise you on how best to proceed based upon your unique circumstances. USCIS does not require USCIS translations for passports, birth certificates, or other personal identifying documents.

– USCIS Translation for USCIS interviews: USCIS approved translators are also available to accompany clients to USCIS interviews in the language of their choice. The USCIS interview is an opportunity to ask any remaining questions you may have about your USCIS forms. There are no exceptions to the need for a USCIS translation unless accompanied by an English translation that meets USCIS standards — this includes all immigration applications including DACA, TPS, and employment authorizations.

– USCIS Certified Translation Services: Once your immigration case concludes, you will receive an official USCIS document bearing an original signature from a USCIS authorized representative. To verify authenticity it must be accompanied by a USCIS seal and stamp or USCIS letterhead. USCIS translations are only valid for USCIS purposes; they cannot be used to support your claims in court, for example.

– USCIS Translation of Phone Conversations: What happens if USCIS calls you out of the blue but you don’t speak English? A USCIS approved translator can assist with accurate translation of discussions about your immigration case over the phone — this even counts as USCIS translation services.

– USCIS Authentication of USCIS Translation Services: The final step following completion of your USCIS forms is authentication or apostille after which it may be sent directly to the consulate, embassy, or other agency abroad designated on the form instructions without first being translated at an accredited USCIS translation agency. USCIS does not require USCIS translations to be notarized.

– USCIS Translation of USCIS Decisions: The USCIS decision on your case will have an original signature from a USCIS authorized representative, the date of signing, USCIS name, and location so it should always be accompanied by a USCIS translation — no exceptions. If you do not receive an official notice in English within 21 days, call USCIS National Customer Service Center at 800-375-5283 to verify the status of your immigration case.

If you are applying for immigration benefits or if you need information about USCIS requirements for specific immigration or non-immigration visas you can contact us here. Please note we are unable to answer questions.

Don’t know how to say USCIS approved translation services in Spanish? USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) is the largest government agency under the Department of Homeland Security. USCIS validates foreign language documents from different parts of the world to establish its authenticity through a USCIS approved translator which enables them to officially translate all types of USCG-recognized documents into English for immigration purposes. USCIS or U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, uses translation services certified by recognized organizations so you can be confident that your translated document contains accurate content with no errors during official scrutiny including any legal proceedings which may result from a case involving immigration fraud or misrepresentation.

Associated Translation & Interpreting Service Inc., a USCIS approved translator provides USCIS approved translation services to all USCG recognized documents. USCIS only recognizes the work of a translator who is a member of ATIS which is an association of professional translators and interpreters accredited by the American Translators Association (ATA). USCIS has specific guidelines for accepting foreign language documents from different parts of the world including birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, diplomas, transcripts etc., during immigration proceedings. USCIS certified translator must follow strict rules and regulations set forth by USCIS to establish that he or she was indeed involved in a USCG approved translation process to guarantee that a translated document appears as the original one. This also helps USC DHS determine whether it can recognize a foreign document as valid evidence for immigration benefits.

USCIS has incorporated a USCIS approved electronic translation service in its USCIS ELIS portal. USCIS ELIS or USCIS Electronic Immigration System which was launched on May 26, 2013 enables authorized users to submit documents online and view the status of their pending immigration applications. By going to the USCIS ELIS portal, you can place an order for a USCG approved translation services from our USCG certified translator who will be able to provide you with a USCG recognized document in English within 2-3 business days once we receive your request.

Our USCG translators adhere to strict guidelines set forth by USC DHS when it comes to handling USC Translations Services such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates etc., during immigration proceedings.

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